Virtual Lessons

I live in an area with zero dressage. We have several instructors that come in the summer but it’s hard to get them to commit to come when it could be -30. So I am looking for options for instructors who teach virtual. I have a three year old, so would prefer someone with knowledge of competing young horses successfully!

Hackett Equine is the best! I take lessons with her via Zoom, she competes in British Dressage (went to Nationals last year!) and specializes in training young horses.

I can’t comment on virtual dressage lessons but I recently bought a pivo for one of the teenagers at my barn for Xmas and it works and would be awesome for that sort of thing!

As you are looking for virtual learning you are not limited by national boundaries. How about looking on the website for accredited BHS trainers, all listed, all trained to teach, specialists in particular disciplines, some of whom are legends within equestrian sport? Another list of accredited trainers is to be found on the British Dressage website There is a fair amount of overlap between the lists since anyone who is serious is almost certain to be BHS qualified as a minimum. Perhaps find a few names, check their videos and then contact them - there is no language barrier - and see if they can teach you remotely. It is becoming increasingly common.

(Hackett Equine does fun vlogs and seems to be a good rider. She doesn’t say if she has any professional qualifications. Riding at the Nationals is good but the UK is a nation with many riders).

CORRECTED TO ADD She has UKCC qualifications in Showjumping. Thank you Wanderinglemon

Eddo Hoekstra still does virtual lessons I believe, Excellent German Bereiter qualifications, and he worked closely with Walter Zettl.

She is an accredited trainer as well.

Edit: Hackett Equine I mean