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Vit E and equine allergies.

To shorten what could be a VERY long story. My super sensitive 16 yr old TB is having allergy issues. Currently on Dex, then going to do blood test and shots. Since we have very little fresh pasture (and this particular horse doesn’t graze), it has been recommended that he get a Vit E supplement. I was told this would help with body soreness and his hyper active immune response.

Here is the real question - what Vit E do you use? I would love one that doesn’t break the bank and is very easy to hide in food as he is a SUPER fussy eater. If it is not super cost prohibitive I want to put all my boys, except the mini donk, on it due to our poor pasture.


I buy mine on Amazon (brand is Solgar) the 1000IU gel caps for $18.99 a bottle (I believe it’s 100 pills, which for us is a month’s supply). I just throw them whole in my horse’s grain and he eats them no problem :slight_smile:

If you go with another brand just make sure it isn’t synthetic Vitamin E.

Looking at their diet already they get Progressive Nutrition Pro Add Ultimate at 4 scoops per day for each horse. It claims 1000 iu’s of Vit E, but I do not know if it a natural or synthetic version. How can you tell?

The natural form (the one you want) will have the ingredient “d-alpha tocopherol,” and the synthetic will have “dl-alpha tocopherol” listed.



My allergic draft/cross also has EPSM, so Vitamin E is crucial for him. I get mine from Dr. Reilly at Equine Med. Surgeons. It is pure Vitamin E.

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It’s the most economical source, even though it doesn’t seem like it at first glance. It’s $.10/1000IU.

And absolutely, every horse who doesn’t get enough fresh grass, and is not getting at least 1000IU, preferably 1500 or even a bit more, from a fortified grain, should be on Vit E. I just feed 2000IU all the time, since all are muzzled for some period of time in the Summer, and of course all are eating mostly hay in the Winter.

I feed 4000 IU to my IR mare year round. I get mine through HorseTech - a custom blend with several other things in it - so it is a bit more then the UltraCruz, but not MUCH more. Then my other horses get about 2000 IU (a half scoop) of the UltraCruz when there is no green grass (July - Sept or Oct). I think the UltraCruz is the best bargain out there. JB recommended it a while ago when I was looking, and I haven’t found a better deal.

UltraCruz E recommends 8000 IU serving daily, one scoop a.m. and p.m. - so when you really break it down to a single scoop or half-scoop, it is really inexpensive.