Vixen Hunt with Boyd Martin 3/10/23

It looks like they had a great turnout for the occasion.

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And everyone is smiling! Looks like even the horses were happy to be there. Hope everyone had a safe, wonderful day.

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They covered some of the most beautiful country. I loved seeing all the pictures, looks like everyone had a ball!

The video is fun to watch.

It does look like fun but how do you tell a vixen hunt from a regular hunt? There are a lot of days when, besides the huntsman, Iā€™m the only male out in the hunt.

Boyd was a great choice for this. He is a very personable guy.

This was open to all lady foxhunters from all over so gave a lot of people the chance to hunt without being a member of this paticular club. They also met on an off hunt day from the usual T, TH, S. Looks like a very good time for sure with over 100 attending!

I knew that. My response was tongue in cheek.

ah ok! :upside_down_face:

I wonder how many riders they usually have?