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Voltaire saddle durability?

I’m trying a demo Voltaire saddle on Monday. So far it’s been a great experience with these guys, and their saddles look amazing. Just sitting in one at their booth at WEF was great, the leather is nice and grippy, the seat is cushy and comfortable.

The only thing I’m hesitating about is I’m not sure about the durability. The saddle is one of their ‘second-skin’ options, and while I’ve heard it does wonders for connection with your horse, I’m nervous that the thin leather will wear much faster. I’ve also never had a full buffalo leather saddle before. I have no idea how it wears.

Does anybody know how well these saddles hold up? Especially full buffalo, second-skin ones?

I don’t know how the second-skin differs from other buffalo, but in general buffalo is supposed to be very durable, although grain is the toughest of all. I have friends with Antares, CWD and Devoucoux buffalo that are all holding up well after years of use, even though I don’t personally find buffalo very attractive. I don’t know any one with a Voltaire. Do they offer any type of warranty?

I have the full buffalo second skin, and have had it for about a year (so I am not sure how much help I will be). So far its been great–but I only ride about 3x a week. I do know that they make the second skin so if it does wear out its easily replaced. My trainer, who rides 8-10 horses a day, also has the second skin (but not buffalo) and has had no wear problems so far–loves the saddles. I really love mine, its super comfoortable and positions me well.

My DD has had 2 and both have been wonderful - as have the rep. When our trainers were out of the country and she was left riding all the horses at home she got to “test drive” all the other high end saddles they had and loved hers best. And yes - they have held up just fine.