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Hey guys!

Any reviews on Voltaire saddles? In the market for a new saddle (I am a 1.20m jumper and my horse is a Dutch Warmblood Cross), and I am wondering if I should consider them?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome!! I know you’re new to the forum, but I promise that if you make one topic and ask about multiple types of saddles, you will get plenty of responses!

It’s a lot easier for you to check one topic than to check 3 or 4!

I’d also highly recommend using the search function and reading previous threads about the saddles you’re interested in. As with anything, you’ll have people who either LOVE or HATE a product, but you can usually glean a trend from reading.

Saddles are something where I think you absolutely have to sit in it to make a decision. I happen to be a person who LOVES my CWDs. Conversely, I’ve never ridden in a Devoucoux that I like (I haven’t ridden in a Voltaire, so I can’t say anything about them). Butets have been very hit-or-miss for me. But it depends so much on your build and your personal preference, not to mention your horse! :slight_smile:

I agree with Supershorty.

I have ridden in Devoucoux, Butet and CWD’s and I like them all. But it depends on how it is made.

I find the CWD has a wider twist than the Butet and Devoucoux.

The best thing to do is if there are others around you (trainer) etc. Ride in their saddles until you get one you like the feel of. If you are buying a custom for your horse then contact that rep.

All three you have mentioned Voltair, CWD and Butet are very nice saddles.

I can say from what I have noticed around me many of the Equitation riders like the Butets and Devoucoux and jumper riders seem to like the CWD but a lot rides on your horses build and yours.

Good luck shopping.

I posted in your other query too.
I LOVE my Voltaire!
I wasn’t even in the market for a new saddle. I had a Tad Coffin that I thought was my heart saddle. I have a CWD that fits one horse with special needs, and I was using the TC on my two mares. But some girls at my new barn were raving about their Voltaires and I was having some issues with my TC sliding back on the horse I am currently showing, so I took a chance and got a Voltaire for her. It’s amazing. I got the full calf and a short flap and the thing fits me perfectly. It’s grippy without being sticky, and puts me in great balance. I don’t jump as high as you do (AA and AO hunters) but I find I feel very secure over the bigger fences in it.
Good luck and I hope you find the perfect saddle.

I ride in the Devoucoux Biarritz and the CWD SE02. Both great saddles. Comparable as to seat depth and general feel. It’s a matter of taste and preferences; they fit the horses differently and that is the basis on which I select one over the other for any particular ride. There is nothing I like about the Voltaire; rode in one very recently for a week, and found it insufferable. The balance, the flap placement and overall feel were not to my liking. Others will disagree; and I respect that. I did love the Voltaire rep, though; he was very knowledgeable and helpful. You will get opinions but not any meaningful guidance from this type of discussion board, without actually sitting in the saddles and, in fact, sitting in the actual one you intend to buy if you are going with a used saddle. I found one Devoucoux to feel altogether different than another of the same model. Happy trails!

My Voltaire has been a game changer for myself and my horse.

The first ride in it, he was much happier to move out and forward. I love how grippy it is. I feel very secure without being stuck. I find it to be balanced perfectly for me. I bought a used, semi-custom saddle and had it checked out by the rep and he confirmed my thoughts which are that it fits him perfectly. I didn’t have to change a thing. And all the reps I have dealt with have been wonderful and not pushy at all.

Like others have said though, the best thing is to ride in one and decide if it is right for you. Good luck!

For saddles, it isn’t alwaus the brand that is important. Even individual models within one brand name can feel vastly different. I had a Devoucoux Oldara that I liked but I despised the Biarritz. I recently traded in my Oldara for a Voltaire Palm Beach. I also tried the Stuttgart by Voltaire but did not like the deeper seat and balance of that saddle at all. So far my list of favorite saddles has been Voltaire Palm Beach, Butet (not sure model. From 1990), Devoucoux Oldara, my friends monoflap CWD. The model as well as specific flap length, forwardness of flap, seat size, panel configuration for the horse, etc. is much more important. For me, Voltaire offered me the most money for my trade-in and was the most helpful/quick to reply to my calls/emails. Their customer service was beyond that of the others so I chose to give them my business over Antarew, Butet, Devoucoux, or CWD.

Now, my buying experience wasn’t a fairytale. But I am still glad I went with Voltaire, because it would have been a nightmare with any other company I think. When my saddle arrived it appeared perfect and beautiful. About 2 weeks after riding in it it began squeaking, getting louder with each ride. Come to find out something is wrong with the tree. Contact Voltaire, receive a shipping label the same day to send it back, receive a loaner saddle about a week later, only takes 3 weeks to fix, and I have a brand new tree in my saddle. This was all while WEG was going on. Every person that helped me was pleasant and informative. Although not something I would like to experience again, Voltaire made it a relatively easy experience and I would give them my business again and again. As my saddle continues to break in I have inquired about fit questions multiple times and am always answered right away, even if it’s not my particular area rep. Plus I LOVE the blue stripes, the balance, and the beautiful leather (I got full calfskin) :).

ETA: Me and my horse have done through the 1.25m. Currently do the adult jumpers due to me not being able to ride consistently among some other confidence issues. Hope to move back up next fall :).

Instead of several threads regarding each brand of saddle, it’s easier to make suggestions on saddles if posters only have to read one thread that tells a bit more about your horse’s conformation i.e. flat back or curved, wither or no wither etc. and your needs. It isn’t about brand as much as fit, for both your horse and you. If you are looking in the big $$ price range then it would be best if you consult a saddle fitter that fits for the brands your are interested in and have them evaluate your horse and bring some demo saddles out for you to try.

Sit in as many as you can. Even if its just at the tack store first before a trial. And then do a trial, and use reps if you can so they can bring sizes.

Thank being said, I love my Voltaire Palm Beach Second skin. Our trainers and most of the girls at our barn ride in Voltaires. From short stirrup to 1.3 (of course Beezie rides in one too…). Lovely saddle.

I love my Voltaire. I have a Palm Beach and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Like others above it was a BIG game changer for me and my horse. I was originally riding in a Stubben and while I did love that saddle it just wasn’t the best fit for me or my horse. So this past summer I found a heck of a deal on a year old Voltaire, sold my Stubben and haven’t regretted it since. I have a high withered TB and trying to find a saddle to fit him and his shape is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I always needed half pads and such to make them fit better, but still not great. I had someone look at this saddle and gave it above average on fit for my horse, which I have never had before. He has some dips just behind his shoulders and this saddle has extra padding to fill in the gaps, a reinforced narrow tree to help with his high withers, and super comfy for me and great placement for my leg! I also have the second skin and admit the first time I rode in one was the weirdest feeling, but now I just couldn’t imagine having anything thicker. I do jumpers, right now between a 1.00m-1.10m but working our way up and its been great!

You should definitely sit in one and give it a go. If you are looking to go used I highly recommend Frenchusedsaddles.com! They give trials and are 100% honest about their saddles and just a great group of people to work with!