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Voltaire Stamp Decoding

I have ridden in a couple friends Voltaires and loved them but they ride very different even though they are the same Calgary model. I’m ready to start looking for one of my own. Can someone help me decode the stamps please?

I believe the top line is the serial number and year of manufacture.
The second line has the seat size, then one or two other indicators, one says “18” “AN” “3A”, the other says “165” “2”
The third line says “PRO” or “FIN” and one then says “D10”

I’m guessing some of these refer to flaps- length and forward? the twist? the gullet? which numbers/ letters mean which thing?
I appreciate anyone’s help with this!

From what I understand: 18 is 18" seat, the 3A is long, forward flap (1=short, 2=reg, 3=long; nothing=normal, A= forward, AA= double forward, etc). Second one is a 16.5" seat (165), with a regular flap (2). PRO panels are the standard panels–designed to fit many horses. FIN is like the PRO panels, but with some padding taken away in the wither/shoulder area (I am 90% sure about that though). D10 means padding added to the back. Someone correct me if I’m wrong!

thank you so much, jlphilli! I appreciate your quick and concise response! :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what the “AN” can mean?

as in
“165 AN 1”
size 16.5, ??, flap size 1

it is not related to flap, as that occurs after flap length… 1A for instance is forward. (I emailed voltaire last week, but no reply…) thanks for insights!

I believe that’s the tree size. ‘AN’ is normal/regular tree

I actually went through this when I bought my saddle in July. I contacted Voltaire and they were super helpful with mine!

I sent the following information:
615 13
18 AN 3AA
PRO B15 D05

This is what each of the sections meant:

Palm Beach, seat 18 flap, 3AA (A means forward flap so AA is double forward)
AN is the medium tree
PRO B15 D05 is the sizing that we use for the panels as we customize different areas inside the panels to fit the horse and we use codes for that.
These panels were made for a horse with a big wither and that have a hole behind the shoulders, so we added more padding behind the shoulders for the panels to seat behind the shoulders and not on the shoulders. The “615” and “13” have to deal with the make, model and year it was made.

Might anyone be able to help me decipher what the PLN on the last line of this stamp might mean? Also, I don’t see anything in the stamp that would denote the tree size - help/thoughts?! Thanks!

321 14
165 1A