Volunteers Ocala Eventing

Thought I would just throw this out there… Ocala has increased it’s number of events every year as it grows. We just added another event at Barnstaple this weekend. The following weekend is Majestic Oaks, followed by Grand Oaks, followed by Rocking Horse- that’s January calendar!
We need volunteers to scribe dressage, run scores, hospitality, jump crew, cross country jump judges, score runners and starting and ending timers. To encourage people to sign up, here is a list of some of the perks!

  1. Get a great education to see how to ride better
  2. (Usually) get a free XC schooling pass or some type of swag
  3. Get a good lunch
  4. If you show your USEA eventing volunteer hours to the Schooling Show Series, you get a discount- PM me for more info on that- it’s a jumper schooling activity
    Sign up here:

Thank you for posting this! It’s a great reminder to volunteer at the events we are not competing at :smile: Signing up now!

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