Vote for my horse, Halo?!

Hey guys!! I recently entered my barrel mare / hunter-jumper-in-training, in a competition to win a sponsorship and modeling contract with and up and coming tack company. She is currently in second place, but is close to taking the lead. She is the horse in my profile picture. (My pro. pic is the exact one I entered in this competition.) Voting ends this friday. All you have to do to vote, is go to this link: and like her picture! It will only take a few seconds! Here is a bit more about my girl, ad why I think she deserves to win this. She is an 8 year old, 16hh thoroughbred x paint mare. I ran across her ad about 4 years ago on dreamhorse. There was nothing written in it but “Halo. Young paint mare. Call to see.” There wasnt even a picture. I dont know why I was so attracted to this horse, not even knowing what she looked like, but I KNEW I had to go see her. So we set up an appointment… We arrived at the farm, and her owners went and brought her out of the pasture. Out walks this scrawny, skinny, horse. I was honestly shocked… We were then told that she was a half thoroughbred with 30 days training, half of that being riding. And that they rescued her as a 3 year old, and in those three years before they got her, she had hardly been handled, hadnt ever had her feet trimmed, and that she was still drinking from her mother. My aunt (who took me to see her) instantly said no, because she didnt think Id want to deal with a horse needing so much work. (I was 12 at the time. I am now 16.) I insisted, and she finally said fine, but I was responsible for her. I agreed, and we paid. About a week later she was delivered. I was SO excited. As the time went on, though, I found out she had some vices. She was EXTREMELY herd/barn sour. To the point that I couldnt do anything with her without having another horse nearby. I also had to lunge her for literal hours before mounting, otherwise it was nearly impossible to get my foot in the stirrup. At this point, I decided it was time to put a halt to the riding, and go to strict ground work and natural horsemanship. For a whole year, that is all I did with this mare. I worked on gaining her trust, connecting with her, talking to her through my body language, and teaching her that people are okay, and that not everyone is out to hurt her. After finally gaining her trust, and lots of despooking, I took back to the saddle. She was a totally different horse. Everything I asked of her, she did. All she needed was love and patience. She has since been the lesson horse for multiple new riders, is a successful competitive trail riding and barrel horse, and is in training with me for hunter/jumpers. 4 years ago, I wouldve NEVER hopped on this horse bareback and brideless… now, I can. She lays down for me to get on her bareback. She went from something that bolted, bucked, reared, and didnt listen, to a horse that I can send a 5 year old down the road bareback and in a halter on. This mare always knows whos on her back. She takes very good and careful care of her riders. She is truly one of a kind. I cant even describe how bad she actually was when I got her, but it just goes to show that sometimes the worst horses in the beginning, can make the best in the end. All it takes is a little time, love, and patience to bring the best of these horses out.
I would really appreciate it if yall could give her a vote! Thanks!