Waiting for the Black Dot

Just bred my young mare for the first time, now the wait for the beautiful Black Dot begins.

This will be my first “not a whoops” foal - two previous pregnancies were all discovered after I had bought a mare, with a foal onboard unknown to all involved. Two mares, two foals. Now I buy geldings!

Anyway, super excited to see if this mating takes. Mare is a Lipizzan partbred, stallion is a PRE.


Remind me, are you in the Southern Hemisphere?

Fingers crossed for a black dot!

Yes. It is spring still here.

Such a nerve-racking time while waiting! Fingers crossed for you, keep us posted!

Well… there is less of a dot, and more of an oval.

Can you guess?

Oval doesn’t sound promising?

Unseparated twins. You could see where they were merging/touching.

The good news is that scan #2 showed just one, big, black dot. Twin #2 has been reabsorbed (hopefully). Check again for a heartbeat in 2-3 weeks.

You just know I’m calling this one Gemini…

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well then yay!

Congratulations! Now you can enjoy ALL the months of waiting and worrying. You’ve gotten off “easy” in that respect in the past with your unplanned babies. :rofl: