Wall/Corner Hay Feeders

Does anyone have a brand of metal wall mount hay feeder that they recommend? Preferably closer to the slow feed width than the wide spaces. My guy spreads his hay all around and while I would rather have him eat of the ground, he has left me no choice! Thanks.

Have you tried, would something like this help?
We have one like this, for horses, for trailers, that also works fine in stalls:



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I havent but I am at a boarding barn and they requested one that hangs up on the wall so no legs get up and over the top. I may show them this one though! You have this one from amazon?

we tie a slow feed hay net to the corner wall feeder which is mounted head high or just clip the slow feeder to the stall’s mesh wall.

Ask the barn if they’d be agreeable to a Porta Grazer. Then you can take it with you if you ever move.

I just got one for my 4 year old who was pawing and ripping his hay net. He prefers to spread out all his hay and pee on it. I wanted something he could put his feet in and not destroy or get stuck. I don’t have it fastened to the wall so he can tip it over and he’s figured out how to use his head to stand it back up again.


I absolutely second the PortaGrazer! Our boarding barn uses them and they are awesome. Big enough for a large amount of hay, easy on the teeth (unlike many slow feeders), safe construction, easy to tie to a stall corner but still portable, can sanitize them…the list goes on.

I have big plastic corner feeders in my personal barn stalls (High Country brand) that I put in. They are great, too, just not as portable though they can be removed.

I am not convinced about the hay rack safety and the next position is unnatural— and the hay falls out onto the stall floor anyway. Hay nets are better.


Do they want a wall feeder due to the extra time it can take to fill a net? If so, would they be open to a framed hay net feeder? They can be filled quickly and hung at a lower position than a metal wall feeder.

Hay Hoop Collapsible Hay Net Feeder

Or there is also a corner hay net “rack” that would be better than a metal hay rack
Hay Chix Hay Net Corner Rack

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I had the ProPanel big plastic corner feeders, too. But I had a horse that would bang on it with his front hoof when he thought food ought to be delivered, usually at 3 a.m. and I finally took them out. I’m going to try the PortaGrazer and see how they work.

The Kiwi Helix feeder is similar to the Portagrazer but it’s collapsible. A little annoying to load at first but also less expensive

I don’t remember where we bought ours, seems like a place like Valleyvet, Schneiders, Bigdee or such.

We had one horse we wanted to try the helix feeders with, but he was sold before we received the two we ordered, that are still brand new, waiting for another horse that may need it, some time, one still in the box it came in.

I think that best is to keep trying something or other until finding what works best for each horse and situation.

I bought a deep corner feeder. My boy used his nose to flip the hay out and slings it all over. sigh. mounted too low for me to feel comfortable putting the hay in a bag.

How easy are the corner feeders to clean? I have a boy who would definitely poop in them.

Make them open bottom?
Then you can clean under them easily.

If he uses such for a toilet bowl, then reconsidering how else to feed him may be best after all.

Mine only has a small “drain”, so probably not best for you. What I have seen that would work is a wooden bin set across a corner. It was made of two vertical supports/ posts (one on each side), with the “inside” edge cut at an angle. Lengths of 1x4 cut to fit slid in behind the supports. They were totally removable so easy to clean.

I have ordered an Easy Up slow feeder hay rack from SS tack and will report back my findings in a few weeks. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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