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Walnut Creek / East Bay Trainer

I’m looking for a dressage/hunter trainer to come to my barn in Walnut Creek to train/ride my very green 8 yo horse a couple of times a week. I’d rather not send him off for 3-6 months but find someone who I can build a long-term program with. The goal is to have a solid riding and hacking horse. I can’t imagine we’d show, but I wouldn’t rule it out. I don’t have a trailer currently, which is why I’d love to find someone who could come by a couple of days a week and ride.

Any recommendations?

I suggest posting your request on BayEquest – you might reach more Bay area folks who could help. You could also put up a notice at Western Saddlery in Pleasanton. Good luck!

Clearly I don’t know how to type or use this site… try this: http://cdseastbay.org/ for suggestions.