Wanted: A Great MD/PA Farrier

I will be moving my horse soon and my farrier will most likely not be willing to travel to the new farm. The new place is in Hanover, PA but only about 5 minutes over the line. Anyone have siggestions of a fantastic farrier that services that area?

I’ve talked with a few farriers based in MD this morning that are not taking on new clients. One of them suggested Matt Hillegas. Does anyone have any experience with him?

I’m really sensitive about selecting a farrier. I had one in the past that caused my horse to go lame from improper angling of his feet. I’m an eventer and will need someone who can drill and tap shoes. I prefer hot shoeing to cold. I appreciate any and all suggestions!

Did you ever find a farrier or try Matt Hillegas? I am im a similar position looking for a farrier in the area.

I’ve heard good things about Matt Hillegas but haven’t seen his work. I use Dave Landolfi, he is awesome. Does lots of corrective work and glue ons. For simpler needs try Scott Kohler.