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WANTED: Smart Paks for prescription meds

This is so common in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia…yet I have yet to find a pharmacy in Texas that does this.

You know what I’m talking about. Morning pills in a little well, Noon pills in another little well, etc. They call it blister or bubble packaging. Found one pharmacy in Idaho (I think it was Idaho) that does combine meds into specific times, but they cannot ship to Texas :frowning:

Does anyone know of a pharmacy in Texas that will do this? Should we start a petition to get SmartPak to offer this service?

Platinum offers it for supplements, but I cannot find one for prescriptions!! I take over 15 different pills per day and it takes an hour and a half every week to fill my pill box. Even then I sometimes forget to take a dose or accidentally put a pill in the wrong section.

Thats a bummer - I don’t know of any pharmacies that offer this off hand. My mother is on many medications and puts together the pill box like you describe.

I am willing to bet liability issues keep many pharmacies from providing this service.

I would so love those. I hate filling my pill box- which is a huge helper over trying to take them from the bottles. If I miss a dose at least I know what I missed when they’re out of the pill box. SmartPaks for prescriptions would be awesome!

There’s a Cother who got her vet to send a prescription to Smart Pak, which then put a well in daily Smart Pak along with her horse’s supplements. So use Smart Pak.

There’s a Cother who got her vet to send a prescription to Smart Pak, which then put a well in daily Smart Pak along with her horse’s supplements. So use Smart Pak.[/QUOTE]

SmartPak can’t fill prescriptions for a human.

Check with compounding pharmacies. They tend to be able to do things that other pharmacies cannot. I am not sure if they are able to or not, but it is worth a shot. Heck, they may be able to make compounds for you in order to decrease the amount of meds you take at one time. I’m switching to a compound cream for all of the medications I take with my hand (post injury)

Lots of pharmacies do this packaging for summer camp meds. So, try “CampRX”. I don’t see why it would be only for camp!

Here you go - you can do it yourself!!


Oh, sorry, did not read the whole post, or even notice this was not under horse care.

OK here’s what a friend, a R.N., did, when she worked for a nursing service where she went to people’s homes and nursing homes: Because patients had difficulty opening bottles, and remembering to take their pills, friend went to the drug stores and had the druggist for each patient put the pills in strips of paper/plastic, so that the patients could pull out a strip each day and take the whole strip of pills. For those who took a lot of pills, there were several strips per day, all marked by my friend after she got them from each drug store. This service is apparently free, and R.N. and her patients were not charged, most were medicare, but this convenience is unknown to most patients. Guess because pharmacists don’t want to offer to do the extra work, or because you have to ask for it for it to be done.

So see if you, OP, can get the same strips done up with your daily medications, so you can then take the pills from the strips for your convenience and safety.

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Reviving this to provide an answer to my own question from years ago!


It’s a company called PillPack and it’s a normal pharmacy but they put everything in time stamped envelope things and ship out a roll of your pills every month. They also do supplements in their packs too!

I’ve been using them now for about 2.5 years and they were FANTASTIC at the beginning but now they customer service wait times are long. But I guess that’s a testament to how well they are doing and growing their company.

They are my favorite company because they made/make my life so much easier. Seriously. Any of you who are on multiple meds and hate putting them in boxes, etc. You should check this company out.



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I think another factor is they are now advertising nationally. I see their ads all over the channels, and I imagine they are getting a lot of request for their service.

I have a nurse friend that found a dispenser with timer to help her elderly mom remember to take pills. Has a timer, reminder beeper and a motion n sensor that will note if the pill was taken

Very interesting updates. My low-tech solution for lots and lots of meds that I take daily is to line the bottles up on tiered shelves and just go down the line. I make sure I take the next container in line out as I put the one previous to it back in the row. I generally don’t screw up by doing it this way. Traveling is a little more challenging. For that, I group them in baggies based on when I take each one (morning, night, both) and do a baggie at a time.

Oh, the joys of rheumatoid arthritis and its fellow travelers. Lots and lots of expensive meds.


Many pharmacies in the southeast will package pills for daily use in plastic containers made for the purpose. An R.N. friend of mine told her clients about this and got a rural pharmacy to package pills for no extra cost. Ask your local pharmacist to get the containers, which are marked by the days and time of day.