Warmblood Stallion Suggestion for Arabian Mare 2022

I have a lovely Arabian mare with old endurance lines, and I’m looking to add height and scope to produce a warmblood jumper. Mostly height, as she’s quite small at 149cm. Everything else, she’s got.

I realize height tends to come from the dam, hers was 160cm and produced 3 other foals at 155, 160, and 161. Her sire was 152.

Any suggestions with frozen for the US?

Here’s a shot of her from this summer:

Many thanks!

Cevin Z or Colman would be worth a look.

if papers are a thing for you, see which registry will accept your gal (she looksnice) and search within their roster of accepted stallions.

Thank you both, I’ll check out Colman and Cevin. She’s approved Shagya (refiner for Warmbloods) so there are a few registries I can use, depending on the stallion. I’m mostly hoping to stack the deck height wise and figure out the rest accordingly.

Based on this forum, I was looking also at Dominator Z. Not sure how his foals have turned out. I’m starting to go through the KWPN database and others to see what I can find out there, it’s been a challenge because the consensus seems to be, for stallions with enough data, that height comes from the dam :joy:

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LOL, there is no telling. we had a rather tall mare throw a foal that topped around pony height, and vice versa.
Good luck!

Unfortunately, Dominator Z has been sold out for a long time and last I heard there wasn’t likely to be any available in NA next season either.

I think height mainly comes from the mare, but maybe Grandorado or Jardonnay would be other options to add height. Not sure about how they cross with really bloody mares, unlike Cevin Z and Colman who are proven to cross very well with blood mares, both are young, but I’ve heard second hand that they are throwing pretty big. Maybe Jaguar Mail? You should have some SF registry options, right? Maybe check in with the folks at New Normandy Farm and see what they suggest. I’ve heard I’m Special de Muze adds height but I’ve seen a few not so big ones by him so I’m not sure about that.

Check out breeding her to a Trakehner. American Trakehner Association welcomes nice Arabian blood.



Thanks guys this is super helpful! I’m curious, has anyone seen the linear description on Cancara from the Holsteiner verband? I think I’m reading it correctly, does this say that his offspring are larger than the verband average while the mares bred to him are smaller than the average?