Warming your horse after cold rainy days

Hi everyone. I’m new to the forums so if I’m posting in the wrong place or anything just let me know.

So last night my horse was left outside in a storm without a blanket (I wanted him in but he wouldn’t settle so BO turned him out and I wasn’t there to take his rain sheet out), and today, even though it is July, is quite chilly. Definitely not a nice summer rain. I am not able to get to the barn until later today, by which time my horse will have been out with no blanket for all of last night and most of today. There is a shelter in his field but I am still worried about him standing out in the cold and wet with his summer weight coat for so long. My question is, when I get to the barn, what can I do to warm and dry my horse. Anything other than just leaving him in and towel drying?
Once he is dry I am going to put on his rain sheet

Thanks, sorry if this sounds like a silly question!

In my opinion you only will need to warm up your horse if he is shivering. If no shivering, he is fine.

Most horses will use a shelter if they are cold, though not all.

If your horse is shivering, just throw the sheet on him and that should warm him up.

Ok thanks!

If he has a shelter available and chooses not to use it, that’s his problem.


How “cold” is it today? You said it rained last night. Not today? Your horse is probably dry and enjoying the cooler weather. Horses are very well cold weather adapted, even in summer coats. Just because you might want to don a jacket today, doesn’t mean your horse does.