Warner's Trunk - Can it be painted?

Just wondering if the Warner’s trunk panel can be painted with the newer paints made for vinyl. I picked a large one up a few months ago for $200, and it’s in great shape, just not my colors.

Has anyone tried to paint them? I would love to save the $400+ it costs to repanel… but I suppose if I #@$% it up by painting, I’ll have to repanel anyway!

Rather than paint the panels, could you remove them and paint the wood underneath? That seems to me like it would give a more durable finish.

At my barn someone people got together and bought some used trunks and had them recovered with vinyl decals (like car wraps) that cover an entire side. They look COMPLETELY legit. You’d never GUESS they’re decals!!! It think it was cheap, but I don’t know how much. I can pass along the company that did them.

There are great vinyl products now you could possibly just overlay over the old vinyl panels. I work in the sign industry… there are loads of products. What about removing the old panels and replacing with ones in your colors? I believe you can order just the replacement panels.

Replacement panels can be bought at tacktrunks.net

They give you instruction on how to do it yourself once the panels come in as well.

I think the OP was trying to avoid the expense of replacement panels; hence, the question about painting;).

Maybe look at Krylon paint, it’s pretty much for everything, it might work but I would test it out first, maybe try the inside of a panel.