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Warning: Brag follows ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Look what I got :grinning:
Had carriagemaker switch the bench seat on my Easy Entry cart for this:

Iโ€™ll be Stylinโ€™ :grin:
Bucket seat! :ok_hand:
Cupholders! :ok_hand:
Reachable armrests! :ok_hand:
Picked it up yesterday, courtesy of Faux Grandson & his truck.
Also had him hold the shafts while I got in to check balance.
Another :ok_hand:
Only problem is the cushiony bucket seat makes my feet not quite reach the deck.
I can make-do with my feet on the dash until I cobble together a footrest.
Any Driving COTHer suggestions for this?
Iโ€™m thinking 4X4, attached so itโ€™s removable or bolted in place.


what about a thick foam wedge? Or do you want it hard?

I donโ€™t think foam would provide safe footing for me :grimacing:

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I was imagining really thick closed cell foam, but yes probably want firmer.

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Look up balancing foam blocks or PT wedges on Amazon. The wedges are made to stand on so they are plenty strong. I used to use those on my war wagon so I could slide my foot over the brake pedals when going full bore in a hazard and bracing hard to stay in.

The foam wedges are balancing pads so they are very dense, Iโ€™ve even used them as balancing pads for the fjord and heโ€™s 1000lbs, so humans are fine. I use those in my presentation carriage and new war wagon and they are the best things I ever did. I wouldnโ€™t set it up to step on when you got in the cart, but narrow footrest along the front might be all you need. They are easy to trim with good craft scissors or an exacto knife. I just trimmed to the shape I needed, drilled a few holes in them and used zip ties to secure through the mesh floor (ditto with the wedges, but the balancing pads are much better than edges when it comes to brake access)


Sounds like just what I need :grin:
No brakes on the cart, but Iโ€™d like to be able to brace when we play with Cones & the occasional Obstacle.
Weโ€™re CDE Wannabes :sunglasses:

Found this & thereโ€™s a Northern Tool nearby so I can see it & stand on it. The 3" might be all I need & the hollow means I can run something (bungee?) through it & the mesh dash/deck

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That seems a bit large and bulky, this is what I used until I switched to the balance pad. Also light enough to use zip ties

Sports Safely - Foam Squat Wedge Block - 2 Pcs | Incline Physical Therapy Slant Board for Yoga, Calf Stretching, Workout, Foot Stretcher & Heel Elevated Squat | Exercise Equipment Ideal for Knees, Hip https://a.co/d/ixlPYXC

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I need to see the NT wedge in person.
Your option is good too, but I think Iโ€™d prefer 1 piece instead of 2.

Avoid the bungee for tying things down. They are unreliable at best, dangerous because you donโ€™t KNOW WHEN they will fail you. Hooks straighten, cord rubs thru, stretches or breaks when it shouldnโ€™t.

Better to bolt foot wedge down or use HEAVY zip ties as fasteners that will not allow it to move.