WARNING - Do not buy SoftStall Advantage Stall Mattress!!!

Please do not buy the Soft Stall mattress system. I purchased the SoftStall Advantage for my barn last year and had problems almost immediately. The top coating started to come off especially near the doors and a plastic pitch fork went right into them. I contacted the company (Stable Marketing Inc.) and was given instructions to patch the coating after cleaning the mattress. I had to wait until temperatures were above freezing and made repairs per the company’s instructions. Now the coating is peeling off in huge pieces and the mats are bubbling up and falling apart completely after 6 months of use (horses went to Florida). I have lost over $10,000 on this system. Please buy a different product if you want a stall mattress! The vendor is now demanding additional money from me to purchase the old style of top cover for which he gives me no guarantee.

These mattresses don’t save you anything in bedding even if they are working correctly. They are much harder than the ones sold my Comfort Stall and Stable Comfort and my horses had hock sores unless we used as much bedding as you would put over regular rubber stall mats.

Good to know. Thanks!

Check with your State Attorney General office as most products sold within a state carry an implied warranty of service… that is the product will preform the task it was designed to do.

That stinks. Sorry you have had to invest so much money and hassle into a lemon of a product. My horses used to live on Stable Comfort mats and they were awesome.
Does this company make any alternative products that could replace these with, to make things right?

Thanks for your suggestions. I am going to pursue all available options.

I have asked Soft Stall again for an alternative product (their old style of top cover) to make this right. They will sell it to me with no guarantee or warranty. I am not going to pay them any more money given how they have treated me this time. I have contacted Stable Comfort for an estimate on a replacement or ideas to repair. They have been very nice to deal with so far.

The president of SoftStall is now saying there is no warranty on what I bought because I purchased directly from them and did the installation. This product is advertised as an easy do-it-yourself installation. No factory authorized install was ever offered. Don’t buy this product!!!

per their web site it sure appears they have a guarantee against manufacturing defects…the word “any” would be the stake through their heart:

SoftStallTM Advantage therapeutic pads comes with a 7 year guarantee to maintain its height, form, comfort and against any manufacturing defects.


Their guarantee does not state any exclusions (even if stated the exclusion may not be effective/enforceable in a specific State as many States do not allow exclusionary statements in guarantees that target a specific client)

I want to give a big plug for Comfort Stall. I received a quote from them before buying the SoftStall product. Comfort Stall was a lot more expensive, and I was worried about ripped top covers. I was not going to call them back due to the cost difference until I saw a post from them on another thread. Joy and her assistant were very professional and informative. Here is a prime example of you get what you pay for. Another plus is that if you buy from Comfort Stall you are dealing with a US company. Now I am stuck trying to get my money back from a Canadian company. I really wish I had just bought Comfort Stall to start with!