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Wasp ID- small, black, in Virginia

I just dealt with an active wasp nest in my barn, and I’d like to know what kind of wasps they are. I sprayed the nest, and they seem to have left.

They had a “paper” wasp nest inside a folded winter blanket.
The wasps are very small, about 1 cm, but quite aggressive, stinging through my clothes, including stinging my ankles through heavy socks. when flying they look solid black, but I found some dead ones next to the nest, and they have fine white stripes around the rearmost segment of their body.

These are no great pictures, but I hope they help. Here is the nest

And here is a dead wasp.

If you zoom in on this picture there’s what appears to be a yellowjacket just to the top left of the nest

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Yes , I know.
There were two wasp nests.

One. with larger cells, was attached to the door itself, was clearly the source of the yellowjackets, which showed up first. This one

The other one, which was inside the folded blanket, is the one photographed in the original post, and was covered with tiny black wasps, which attacked me. Those are the ones I am trying to identify.

Have you tried google lens on your original picture. It is too dark lacking contrast with my effort. Afraid this photo might not yield enough info for accurate id

this might help a bit