Water retention

I feel so puffy - I eat veggies, I drink water … I don’t know, how much water retention is normal during heat and when to see a doctor? Anyone struggling with this? Do you know the reason? (I wanted to post in off-topic, sry)

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See a doctor rather than asking strangers online. Puffiness, swelling can be symptomatic of many problems, often heart or kidney related, so don’t hang around.


Agree with @Willesdon. Get yourself to a doctor. Fluid retention can be a symptom of some serious organ problems. It doesn’t have to be, but it can be. Better safe than sorry.

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Thank you! Family doctors says this is just female hormones, appointment for specialist end of August (this was the earliest I got).

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Try eating extremely low carb ( 50 or less) for a couple of days and you will naturally shed the water. Since it is just a hormone thing and not a medical issue.

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You could try monitoring and reducing (if appropriate) your salt intake. I like pickles as a snack but my condition management nurse claims too much salt will cause water retention. So my pickle consumption is limited :frowning:


Please do not do this. Extreme low carb will only be a bandaid over the issue and it’ll just make you feel awful.

Fluid retention is generally not hormone related unless you’re in menopause.

What do you mean by feel puffy? Are you bloated? Is there fluid on your extremities? Because there’s a big difference between feeling bloated and having actual fluid build up to what it could be. Bloating can be from IBS. Fluid on your legs can mean heart or kidney failure.

Agreed. Do you “feel” puffy - or are you actually bloated? Do your clothes fit differently? Do you have difficulty bending fingers/knees? How long has this been a change, or has it been gradual?

I would at the very least track your diet and take some measurements. These can help in an appointment.

I don’t disagree that diet can be a contributing factor - but it’s hard to know what you mean by “puffy” so it may not be diet related. Did your primary dr. run any tests?

I have a friend who had an adrenal gland tumor, but was dismissed by several doctors, including an endocrinologist. She was told “that’s life after 40” when she started gaining weight. But it wasn’t. So, track your symptoms, and be clear with your doctor, and push for answers if you’re sure this is different.

I have swollen fingers, belly, lower legs and toes. I seem to react to heat/humidity, especially when I sit the entire day - this is ok. But not being able to bend my fingers properly or feeling pressure in my lower legs is too much for me. No, the doctor said, this is part of menstrual cycle. I don’t eat salt, only, when it is added to food I buy. I will try to ‘play around’ with my diet a little bit, maybe I can see changes. Thank you for your support!

Well, it can be for some women (it has never been an issue for me personally). Does it change throughout the month? Because if not, I’d definitely be looking for other causes.

Healthy, normal women can retain water on occasion for a majority of reasons especially when still having periods. Not everyone feels awful when eating low carb and the first few days you naturally lose a lot of water. It only takes about 3 days.

Better than taking diuretics , OTC or prescribed meds .

Sounds like a lack of exercise is partly the problem and are you overweight @XXS ?

The fluid retention you describe is not what I would call normal for someone who is not elderly. I would get a second opinion and not just shrug it off.

Yes, but it doesn’t fix the problem. It’s only a bandaid solution and in XXS case it doesn’t sound helpful at all.

Low carb is not a magic cure for everything. I really wish people would stop spouting it like it is. If XXS has heart problems, it may even be very detrimental to her health.

Actually, no it’s not. Because again it’s just a bandaid solution. You don’t actually retain that much water from eating carbs. It’s another myth that’s sprouted from the low carb people. At least diuretics or prescribed meds can help the actual root of the problem. But first, you have to find the problem.

@XXS please get a second opinion. Fluid retention to that degree is NOT a normal part of a menstrual cycle. There’s only a small change to do with hormones with fluid retention and hormonal cycles unless you’re in menopause. A lot of people blame fluid retention for bloating, but in fact, it’s hormones messing with your digestive tract. That is more normal but actual fluid retention isn’t.

I’m very slim and active … a friend recommended a doctor to me today (time to change my family doctor as he ignored my chronic pain also), I’ll let you know! Thank you!

edit: the swellig is better, I struggle with heat, that’s for sure.


I never said it was. I have experienced it for a fact as have others I know who eat low carb. I also suggested the OP get a second opinion as fluid retention in the limbs and fingers can be a sign of a heart issue.

I hope you have good results with a new doctor @XXS

ECG very good, blood work incl. hormones everything ok. So, it seems that I ‘just’ react to heat and my puffy feeling is horrible for me but nothing serious. I tried low carb (works for me) and reduced sugar!