Water to barn

The water to the barn was put in many years ago. I just got the hydrant replaced and there have been two leaks that needed to be repaired going to the barn in the last two years. As soon as I got the hydrant repaired the next day ugh looks like another leak to dig half way to the barn.

I had asked a plumber if the line was under too much pressure as the water shoots out if the valve is fully opened , so I got scoffed at. Anyway I am looking at the set up in the house and the water to the barn looks like it is direct from the pump and not from the water tank(where I understand there is some pressure regulating). I am going to have to schedule another visit since I am beyond digging out and hanging halfway down a hole to fix. If I raise this again is there by chance any validity to my thinking the line is under stress and if so what is the fix?tia

What material is the pipe from pump to barn? That might be a bigger issue.

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We had that problem but in my house. Turns out there was no pressure regulator. My house was putting out 120 PSI instead of the normal residential 60 PSI. We kept having leaks, we would replace the faucet and fix it and then another one would start leaking. N it got to the point I was filling up my horses bucket with what was dripping out of my kids tub in a 6-hour period. You might be better off fixing the leak and getting a pressure regulator put in where it leads out, but either way you probably want a plumber to take a look at it.

By pump do you mean the pipe from your well pump to your barn is upstream of the well’s pressure switch? Is there a chance the well pump is running 24/7 so water at well pump maximum pressure is continually in the pipe to the barn?

Can you hear the well pump running all the time? You need a well service person, not just any plumber. Your pipe leaks may be due to a faulty well setup.

I didn’t realize she was talking about a well sorry. You are right then she would definitely need a well professional not just a regular plumber.

while looking into pressure regulation since the barn is connected directly to pump make sure there is an anti backflow value inline to keep any possible contamination from the barn entering the household water

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Thanks, I am going to go stare at it some more. To me it did not look like the barn water comes off the main line from the water tank (where there is a pressure regulator), but maybe I need to sit there and diagram it. I am pretty sure the pump is not running constantly- as you can hear it although a ways from the house. (plus you see it in the electric bill ). Around here the plumbers also do the well pumps so I will just need to give them a heads up as to what I want to have looked at.
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Professional that works with water that’s not a plumber here. No experience with wells and their pumps and if they are even powerful enough to cause such an issue but for city water absolutely you could have an issue if the line is ran off the main before the pressure reducer that serves the house! With the amount of building in my client service areas I have had to recommend many many clients to get a pressure reducer added to the line that serves their outside water in recent years. When I am registering 120-150 PSI it totally explains why the part I service is blowing fittings and other things up! Especially if you have a poly type line running to the barn the fittings as they age or any rocks resting against the pipe that have rubbed and created weak spots could be giving to such pressure. Again not sure what kind of pressure your well pump is really capable of creating but if it is powerful it could be possible.