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Water under frog support pad - should i be worried? please help!?!

Hi, my gelding is in frog support pads that cover his entire sole. The back of the pad is open, but there is packing over the sole and frog, just not over the grooves or the central sulcus. While bathing, some water got underneath, and is now sitting on top of the packing. Im assuming the packing isn’t absorbent, and that the water cant get to his foot. Am i okay to assume that?

I put no-thrush powder under the pad just to be safe

Should I call my farrier and have him come out? Or am i just overreacting?

Thanks :slight_smile:

He will be fine.

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Mine lived out 24/7 in all weather with various pads, including frog pads. We never had issues with thrush.

Thank you both so much

I agree, should be fine. There’s no way to 100% keep water out of those pads.

thank you :slight_smile: I need to learn to worry less