Waterers- Anyone used these or have a suggestion?!?

Anyone used these cobett waterers? http://www.cobett.com/
We will be building new farm in the spring. Will need about 8-15 waterers depending on final paddock arrangent. Medium sized boarding operation 30-40 horses, 1-4 horses per paddock/turnout, outside, northern Michigan winters (seems like 10 months long). The farm I currently lease has Nelson, Ritchie, and franklin and for various reasons mostly poor design, constant breaking etc. I don’t want to use any of these. I know a lot of people love Nelson but 10 years in we are having nothing but problems. If this is the best I have to look forward to, what about frost frees, one at the junction of two turnouts with very short hose and tub??? Thanks in advance!

I have used Miraco’s Lil Spring waterers for 14 years. I’m thrilled with them. I also have a Ritchie…and I hate it. The day it breaks down, it will be replaced with a Miraco.

I just purchased Varnan Waterers and cannot wait to use them. I’ve heard rave reviews from friends that have had them for years!

Thanks for the replies. I will check those out! We just had to fox literally every waterer on the property(15) we are leasing and my hubs is feelin pretty burnt out. So we are really hoping we can find something that can handle this climate/at least be reasonable to fix. Thanks again!

Ironwood, why do you hate the ritchie?

Wow! I have a few Nelson waterers and they’re over 10 yrs old. They’ve been perfect. I’m so disappointed to hear that you’ve had trouble with yours.

I’m going to look into the corbett waterers in the spring. I’d like to put one or two new ones in and these claim to not need a heater for winter.

Hi aspenlucas - I know this is an old post, but I’m wondering how you like your Varnan Waterers? Anything you’d change about them?