Waterproof Dog Beds

Is there a waterproof dog bed that won’t ruin the inside of the dog bed? One of my cats ruined 6 beds by peeing on them. At the time I thought the problem was with a new young cat in the house, but then I figured out my older cat had stones and she had surgery. The young cat has been outside for the summer/fall but now that it is cold she wanted in so I let her in. All of a sudden the peeing on the beds has started again (and I have new expensive beds now)

I’m so flippin annoyed. I need to separate the older one to see if something is medical going on by I think this is not medical as she is on special food and has been fine until the cat came in the house.

I’m hoping I can get the smell out… would love suggestions on waterproof dog beds and any suggestions to get them to stop peeing… I’m really considering re-homing the younger cat, but am struggling with that as I’ve never re-homed a pet and I hate to do that… right now though I’m just so tired of this and I can’t stand the house smelling like pee.

Suggestions on dog beds? Suggestions on the cat situation welcome too!

I feel ya, I have that problem here. I ended up getting two of the elevated dog beds. They are easy to wash (plastic netting) but none of the cats have peed on them yet. We put old diamond wool saddle pads/liners on them sometimes but the dogs don’t seem to miss having the fabric and love the beds as they are, year round.

You might also try a crib waterproof sheet around the dog bed? I’ve done that too but still ended up washing it more often than I wanted to. I like the elevated beds b/c I can vacuum them or wash them with the hose in two seconds.


Thanks…good idea!

I got a Big Barker bed for my older bloodhound. They have a waterproof liner you can get for their beds. When I got my bed they were having a promotion and throwing in the liner when you bought a bed. The beds are expensive, like $200+, but they are very thick and are guaranteed for 10 years.

I use the crib mattresses on all the couch cushions, they fit perfectly and wash well.

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