WB Brand Identification, please help!

Hi everyone,

I have a beloved gelding that I know very little about. I was told that he was imported from Argentina by Jimmy & Danielle Torano, that Danielle showed him for a while, and that he is a Dutch WB. 

I have noticed a brand on him but it is very difficult to get a picture of because it doesn’t show up well unless his hair is just so. I was able to get a pretty clear view of it this morning, it goes vertically down left side of his tail and reads “J33”. There may be another brand above his left flank but as I mentioned before it is so hard to tell because it is so faint.
I would love to know more about him. He is very special to me and it would be great to know some of his history. Who his parents are would be a dream come true, and knowing his true age wouldn’t hurt either. :slight_smile: If anyone can help me get some info from these brands I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

The first link is to the numbers down his tail, the second and third are pictures of what I think could be a brand above his left flank. The last two are very difficult to make anything out of, sorry for that but I’m hoping someone will see some small detail they recognize. Thanks again!

The brands for Argentine Wbs are left flank and each side of the tail, something to do with year and month, so I think you are definitely on the road to being able to identify him…my former trainer is Argentine and explained the branding system to me at one point, but it clearly didn’t stick in my head. Figure out what the letters and numbers are on each side of the tail, and contact the Argentine verband.

Or clearly just search COTH haha http://www.chronofhorse.com/forum/showthread.php?213672-Argentina-Warmblood-Brand-Markings-Any-Experts

Couldn’t you just contact the importer - Jimmy Toranto ?

Or better yet, what do your horse’s papers say ? Not sure that a Dutch warmblood would also have Argentine brands…

[QUOTE=Mardi;8176564]Couldn’t you just contact the importer - Jimmy Toranto ?

It’s Jimmy TORANO. His barn has a “Contact Us” page you might want to try.

:slight_smile: Sorry about the spelling. I know of Jimmy Torano, however since the OP spelled the last name “Toranto”, I gave the OP the benefit of the doubt and understood it to be someone else.

[QUOTE=Mardi;8176564]Couldn’t you just contact the importer - Jimmy Toranto ?

Or better yet, what do your horse’s papers say ? Not sure that a Dutch warmblood would also have Argentine brands…[/QUOTE]

I have considered emailing the Torano's however, considering the amount of horses they have had throughout the years and how much time I think has gone by I thought I would see what information was out there. Also, it's not like we are on speaking terms, they wouldn't know who I am, thought the few times I met Jimmy, he has seemed nice. As for his papers, I would be thrilled if he had some! But, he doesn't that is why I am trying to find info based on the brand.

If I can’t find what I am looking for, contacting the Torano’s is my next move.

Thanks, I guess I should just shoot them an email, I just didn’t want to be that annoying amateur asking silly questions. But I suppose there are worse things. :slight_smile:


Ok, this may be a silly question but, when referring to the right/left side of the horse, is it when you are facing the horse? or standing directly behind?

Thanks! hopefully got some good info from there.

Thanks! Hopefully got some good info from there.

Since they imported the horse, they ought to have the records somewhere; it’s part of their business.

I can’t see any detail on the brand on his hip. Does he only have a number on one side of his tail? Approximate age?

ETA - Not all horses are branded anymore here (they microchip) but it always used to be that number on the left side was the last number of the year of birth and the number on the right was that foal’s number for the breeding farm. (IE, we had 9 foals born in 2014. So on the left, they all have the number 4. On the right, each has an individual # from 1 - 9.