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WB Mare breeding to GRP Stallion?

Hi All! I have a very high quality Warmblood Mare I am looking to breed this Spring. I’m looking for a Stallion to bring her size down some (she’s 16.3- my ideal height would be around 15.3, but I’m flexible) and also her temperament (she’s a Jazz and can be very reactive), but also a stallion who also produces high quality gaits. I am a professional and FEI Dressage rider, I’m hoping this horse would be for me, but ultimately I want something safe and fun. I’ve had trouble finding WB Stallions who are small and still high enough quality. I’ve mostly been set on the GRP stallion FS Don’t Worry. I’ve had some GRP’s in training and always found them fun. I know some people say the proportions can end up weird when breeding a WB to GRP. I would love to hear about any WB/GRP crosses people have- pictures/video would also be much appreciated! and any other suggestions on smaller high quality stallions. Thank you so much in advance!

I have bred a few GRP/warmblood crosses.

My warmblood mare is 15.2. Both her sire and damsire were normal 16-16.3 hand warmbloods, so her genetics are taller. She is also a bit of a firecracker, so I selected stallions for her that had stellar, kid-friendly temperaments.

In my (limited) experience, the babies either took after the mare or after the sire in both height and temperament. I found the babies that took after her were taller and firecrackers. The babies that took after the GRP sire were often quite small (under 14 hands) and had quiet temperaments.

My biggest fear in doing the cross is that I got a small pony that was hot. Who would ride it and/or who could I sell it to? Luckily I didn’t end up with that combination and my mare is now retired.

There is a German Riding Pony group on Facebook that is fairly active - lots of pictures and video from breeders who are also doing that cross.

Be careful breeding to German Riding Ponies. I believe some have DSLD or a tendency for it. Some have hyperflexibility in the fetlocks. It makes them phenomenal movers in the dressage arena, but they may have a short career. I wouldn’t breed to anything without recent pictures or video or an extensive show record.

The only way to avoid DSLD is to breed to an older stallion that is free of the disease. That requires either recent pictures or video, or actually seeing the horse in person. If the stallion owner can’t be bothered to take a couple recent conformation pictures of their stallion, then pick a different stallion.

Also look back about 6 generations for inbreeding.

I’m not saying this horse has it, but this is a risk associated with buying online without actually seeing the horse. I just saw a stallion the other day that i really liked, but upon further research, I found out he has uveitis. The advertisement did not mention it, and they only took pictures from the horse’s good side.

Buying a breeding online is contributing to the spread of these diseases because you don’t actually see the horse you are breeding too. Or they give you pictures from 10 years ago, which doesn’t tell you what condition the horse is currently in.


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You could also consider a Connemara. There are several who throw exceptional movement and have proven dressage offspring.

My personal favorite is Aluinn Durango, since his sire Aladdin’s Denver is no longer breeding.

A friend did that - OLD mare to Champion De Luxe. Got a lovely 15.3hh sweet tempered mare.

Here is my list of Favorite GRP stallions

Belissimo HS (2007 14.2hh)

Golden State (2009)

Milky Way (2014)

All of these stallions have FB pages with video and pictures of foals etc.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the breeding on it but I did go see a lovely one in Europe with a friend a couple of years ago. It was about 15.2 or 3 and very fancy and rideable. Ultimately, she decided she wanted a mare though and purchased the other horse she tried so I don’t have much useful information.

You might reach out to Solomon Farm in SD. Not sure if they cross them but they breed both GRPs and RPSI/Westf. and might have some helpful input.

I had a friend who was “ahead of the curve” on breeding sport ponies - she was doing it 10 and 15 years ago, and bred her Warmblood mares to her Weserem’s pony stallion. And I’d agree with your statement - again, limited population, but most were either dam sized or pony sized - very few were “in between”.

OTOH, I’m seen a few Welsh Cob/WB crosses now, and they seem to land in the 15.2 to 16 hand range more consistently. Not sure why?

There ARE WB stallions that tend to throw smaller size, so you might also investigate that, OP?

Meanwhile, if you do breed to one of the GRPs, please, please update us (with pics). I really wanted to breed a mare to Golden West - but life got in the way…

We have a beautiful palomino GRP sired by Solomon Farm’s Welsh stallion Smoketree Snapdragon. The dam is a 1/2 Arab daughter of Meisterwind (TK) Our pony is just 2 so not yet under saddle but he is very sweet and very, very pretty. A little “Barbie” horse. He will probably mature large pony. Dam is 15.3

I work with one who is the other way 'round - GRP mare to Oldenburg stallion (Sagnol). She’s coming 6, really nicely put together, great feet, good proportions. About 15hh and nice depth to carry a taller rider (I’m 6’0 and don’t look actively foolish on her).

Awesome! Thank you all- this information has been super helpful!