WB Stallion recommendations

I have a lovely TB mare I am seriously considering breeding this coming year. She is 18 and had been a broodmare since she retired from racing. I got her last year after she was recently restarted. Her riding career is pretty limited, but she is a nice mover, has a lovely build, and an excellent temperament. I would be breeding for a hunter.

Nice hunter movement, scope and temperament are most important.
color and height don’t matter much. Mare is 16.3 and big-bodied (she also has 0 chrome) some chrome would be a plus, but not all that important to me.
I would like to stick to fresh, not frozen.
I am a big fan of Party in de hus, and he is definitely at the top of the list- but would like to see who everyone else is a fan of!

What do her past babies look like and what/how are they doing under saddle? This information will indicate what she throws in terms of conformation, temperament and soundness, I would start there.

Also, when was the last time she foaled? If it’s been a few years it might be difficult to breed what will be a 19yr old mare next spring (more costly - regumate?) so you’ll have to consider that.

As for stallion options, I would need to see some confo shots of your mare to be able to make any suggestions for you. You’re in Ontario, I gather?

Sometimes just buying a nice WB-TB foal on the ground is a better/cheaper option.


I too would love to see a decent conformation shot to see what she really looks like. I love a nice solid TB mare :slight_smile:

What would you want to improve?
What would you want to make sure stays as it is?