WCHR Hunter Spectacular tonight

First horse on course at 6:35pm Live feed free on PBIEC site

Cool to see the riders wearing vests.

Also love to watch these classes when they have commentators.

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Does anyone know who the commentators are ?

Oliver Kennedy, John French, and previous winner of this class Louise Serio.

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Good grief, Quimby was just so slick around that course and jumped in beautiful style with a loop in the rein, and got an average score of 89.5. What else could the horse have done today?! (I was with the panel that gave him a 94.)


I agree with you. I had Grace and Quinby at like a 95. Really happy for Amanda though that she won!

Lafitte de Muze is a wonderful horse and her turn back to the log jump was superb. I can’t be sad about that one winning.

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Always happy when Amanda wins. Lafitte is incredible.

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This includes a video of the winning round.

I tried really hard, you guys! I even asked DH weeks ago to plan to watch it after work and put it on the calendar and everything. But I only made it through the first round. I kept falling asleep so much during the 2nd round that I couldn’t have even told you the course. I am ashamed… :yawning_face: :weary: :woman_facepalming:

But yay for Lafitte! <3 him!

Nice to see so many riders in safety vests (was Jimmy Torano wearing one?) and horses with great pace and expressions. Bond is so fun to watch.

I wasn’t familiar with Jennifer Hannan and Ocean Fire but what a wonderful pair, you can tell the horse loves its job.

I love Bond, too. My horse is gray so I might have a picture of Bond & Isha in my tack locker… When I woke up to go to bed the other night, my husband told me, “Your favorite horse was third, btw.”

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I believe Jimmy was wearing one. He really got on the vest bandwagon last fall after one of his clients got hurt when she was not wearing one. It might have even been the owner of the horse he showed in this class. He has been pretty vocal since then on the subject.