Weanling halter help

I want to find a nice weanling halter for the upcoming inspection. The only ones I can find seem to be nylon. Anyone have experience with mini halters for weanlings?

Note, when my foal was born weeks early, and the April overnight weather was cold, I instantly found a used mini blanket for him at the local 2nd hand tack shop since I couldn’t find a new one at any of the local tack shops. It was perfect.

You might check out western show halters in leather. Schneider’s should have them in plain leather, so western folks can add their own silver. They would be fitted snug to enhance the head in sizing. Also less chance of Baby getting snagged on anything. So not the usual oversize “baggy, sloppy” fit of leather halters seen on TBs or other English discipline horses.

Depending on your breed, you might want a bigger size because western foals often show at 3 months. TINY heads. Most western halters are very adjustable under the chin and on crown piece, to stay fitting head as ltitle foal grows some.

Thanks, Goodhors, but no help. Parents are 17.1 Hanos and baby will be 5 mos. old for inspection. Reviews say the halters are small.

We use nice leather halters with plates on weanlings for the TB sales etc around here. Horse Cents in Versailles Ky, Quillen in Paris Ky, would be my first two thoughts. Clever with Leather (i think they are in Versailles still)

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Another vote for KY sales halters. Good quality leather, brass fittings, rolled throat. Quillin, Central KY Tack & Leather, Horse Cents, KBC, they all have what you want and will help with sizing. OBS and Tack Shack in Ocala have decent halters too, but I do prefer Quillin above others.

Quillin is great if you have large horses (or horses with large heads). I have Arabs, and the Quillin leather is just too bulky, and their halters also run HUGE. Tack Shack of Ocala makes a “custom Arabian halter” with rolled leather on the crown, throatlatch, and nose. They’re very, very flattering on pretty/refined heads and excellent quality. My full-grown (13.2 and 13.3) Arabs wear the two year old/cob size, for reference.

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My daughter owns a halter company. We can make any size or configuration custom made but have lots of regular sizes that may fit as well. Send her a message and let her know what you are looking for.


I am bought this halter for my pretty headed filly. Billy Royal® Paris Rolled Nose Leather Halter | Schneiders Saddlery (sstack.com)