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Weatherbeeta compatible neck cover?


I am trying to find a neck cover that would be compatible with a Weatherbeeta turnout blanket because as far as I can tell Weatherbeeta does not sell neck covers separately. My horse’s blanket looks somewhat like this: http://www.equestrian.com/p/turnout-rugs/weatherbeeta-original-1200d-standard-neck-medium-turnout-rug/653393/
Most important is the location of the D-rings used to attach the neck cover. I believe that most Weatherbeetas with detachable covers have this D-ring design.
**Does anyone know of neck covers that are compatible with this turnout?

Weatherbeeta does not sell their necks separately but they do make them. If you live near a Dover store, they should be able to product inquire one in for you. We’ve had to do that with the Rambos as well.

I talked to a Dover representative but she said the inquiry would take over a week and I unfortunately have not planned far enough in advance and need a cover in less time that that. Thank you though!

Ah, darn, the WB is usually faster than a week to get back but it does take about 2-3 weeks to get anything from them.

I can’t tell from the pictures but is there another d-ring at the withers? If so, you could use a Riders International neck.

If I remember correctly there is a D-ring at the withers. Does the Riders international connect on top of the withers?


It is pretty easy to move the D rings on a neck cover to work with a different make of blanket. If you aren’t comfortable doing it, a blanket repair place could. I hand sew with dental floss as thread- pretty well unbreakable.

Thanks! I might have to do that.