WEC Ocala competitions rejected by USEF

Wasn’t there a somewhat similar issue a few years ago between Global and White Fences in Wellington?

Orlando Dressage runs shows at Clarcona and Grand Oaks (yes, even in the winter. There is a January show…). SouthEast Horseshows (Carlie Evans) runs shows in Jacksonville, and at ALachua; SUncoast DCT runs shows at Tampa. Most are two arena shows. Not sure what you mean by “smaller”…

ANd @DMK, what do you mean FHP and Alachua are “precarious”?

@Libby2563, YOu are exactly right!! That is why the mileage rule is so important. Southeast Horse SHows already cancelled one show (in Jacksonville) due to low entries (and there was a show at WEC that weekend). THose other shows are run by managers such as SOutheast Horse Shows and Orlando Dressage, or by the local GMO (SCDCT in Tampa), and some shows at the FHP are run by Wellington Dressage…

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Ye-up. I suspect that in 3, 5, 7 years people will be blaming WEC for all the things they currently see it as their savior from.

Oh… the winter national show dates have been confirmed. There is a note on the petition page. SOrry I do not have a link.

Like any public facility, especially one specializing in a niche activity, their funding is never guaranteed and often threatened as the first thing to get cut in a recession, ergo, precarious.

Fortunately, both facilities have multiple revenue streams. Alachua is the county fairgrounds, and the FHP has something going on every weekend and many weekdays.
But yes, you are correct, and I think that is part of the problems that Jacksonville had a few years ago (they now have new arena footing and a new covered as well.)

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USEF should not be in the role of playing politics with show venues or organizers. Doling out show recognition to their favorites smacks of nepotism.

WEC built a better mousetrap. It should be up to the competitors to decide where they prefer to spend their dollars and their time.


All National shows have been approved and were never in jeopardy - only the CDIs, and the FEI has a say in that.
(Learned today from a very reputable source).

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Actually, the detached barns used for the Jan USDF show were not connected via the green mile. You did have to walk across the parking lot to the barns and THEN walk the green 1/4 mile. One ring was a bit of a hike down a corridor.

When I went there for hunters this summer I actually had a longer walk to the ring and thought it would have been nice to be in the barns we’d used for the dressage show.

But if you’re used to small, intimate venues I could see this not being someone’s jam. I find it a HUGE improvement over global and WEF, personally. But I don’t like keeping my horse in a canvas stall. Different strokes for different folks I guess?

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I have been a supporter of the Clarcona shows for the 10+ years I’ve been in Florida, and will probably continue as I am a 20 minute trailer ride from them. My issues there are twofold - I do not like the condition of the stalls - very old, I’ve had to pull nails that were sticking out of boards, ask maintenance to fix other boards, I’ve seen horses kick out the boards between stalls (and get hurt), seen others bust out through the gate doors. If I have 1/2 way decent times, I take my horse back home overnight even though you are required to have(pay for) a stall. Second, those riding in lower level tests are generally in the two clay rings, which is not great if there is any rain at all. All in all Grand Oaks is my favorite… WEC is high quality and lots of benefits but it is a hike to get around the place.

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What was the reasoning? Are they trying to protect the Wellington CDIs?

GO is nice! I love the resort atmosphere.

But its also a heck of a hike from the racetrack barn to the ring and when it rains the dressage court to the right of the covered floods.

Also, we had a horse completely shift the row of porta stalls when we were in the stalls by the Pickleball courts. Got to the barn in the morning and the stalls were trapezoids. That doesn’t happen at WEC. But WEC is also more commercial whereas GO is truly a lush resort. I love them both!

FEI may want to see the show management prove themselves with more and consistent national shows before approving a CDI

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Thanks, I can understand that. And if that is the case, I would certainly expect that that FEI and USEF will rethink this in the very near future.

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WHo knows? Both FEI and USEF have input. @hoopoe has the right answer tho I think. I know there was a misunderstanding about the GP last weekend - some competitors found out at the last minute that they were using the new short form. EDITED TO ADD: I understand those confused competitors did nt realize the way FEI/CDIs organize the GP tests - “for freestyle” or “for GP Special”. (that’s all I know. I’m not sure of the FEI sysem beyond that statement)

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