WEC Ocala Summer Shows

Does anyone know how I see a prize list, stabling info for the shows WEC has on their calendar for May/June?

They may not be up yet. https://worldequestriancenter.com/save-the-date-for-the-world-equestrian-center-ocala-summer-horse-show-series/ states that an announcement will be made when stall reservations open and prize lists are available.

Thank you! I did not see that.

I feel like it might resemble when tickets go on sale for Comic Con! Lol.

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Pending approval from…? ( in article) so much for breaking free from USEF :roll_eyes:. And if people want to show in Ocala in mid summer- have at it. Yes, they are temp controlled indoors, but blech showing in them all summer. I’m not a hater- I was there for the first 5 weeks.

How is the weather in Ocala in the summer? I’ve been to Wellington in the summer once or twice, and it was brutally hot.

hot, humid and thunderstorms/rain almost every day 2-4.

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Hot as hades and humid.

Usually May and June would be less miserable than July and August

I would think summer in Ocala wouldn’t be a whole lot different from summer anywhere else in the South. Tryon, Aiken, Raleigh, Atlanta.

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That’s true. I’ve lived in Aiken, Middleburg, Unionville… it’s all hot in the summer. The main differences are that it rains more reliably in Ocala, so the ground never gets as hard and the heat lasts two or three months longer than it does in VA or PA.


I live in GA and have shown in Conyers, Alpharetta (Wills), Chatt Hills in the summer, and last year my horse competed at the FHP and the Grand Oaks for dressage from May - August. It’s truly about the same. The worst ever venue (of the aforementioned) in summer/rain is honestly Chatt Hills (GA) as the rings are set down a hill and the humidity and heat sticks with no real airflow after a big storm. You just sit in a hot bowl of heat and boil all day. It’s awful. Gorgeous venue but you have to pray for no rain or it’s miserable.

Wills and GIHP have terrible footing issues - both have just one covered arena and the other rings have drainage issues. Wills will be getting an overhaul but it will take some times. So that adds to the misery of summer. It’s hot, wet, and the rings can be a sloppy mess. I don’t like taking my horse to places with bad footing. On top of footing, Wills has terrible stalls that are small and can be unsafe.

Then there’s FL. FHP had great footing. Grand Oaks for us was a dressage show and unfortunately the dressage court that my horse showed in flooded (even though it was in the covered) so he had to dance and jump through water. Both facilities are about as hot in summer as anything in GA. FHP has no bathrooms which is awful.

As for WEC. When rings are available, they can move the show indoors due to weather which is great. There is ample schooling in the indoors. If you’re on the inner barn track you can walk the green path and generally stay covered. The barns were designed for all weather. I will GLADLY show my horse there in the summer - it will be a welcome change. Now, if I lived in WI or OH or KY I probably would not go to FL in this. But for us who live in the heat and ride in it every day, WEC is a godsend for competitors and horses alike.

Have you seen the ringside bathrooms at WEC? They are AMAZING. The barns have decent rest rooms, too. It’s CLEAN. And SAFE.

I’ll take temperature controlled arenas over the southern heat and storms any day!!


FHP has lovely bathrooms with showers. They are immaculate !

… or Lexington, KY … we do nearly the entire summer circuit there and it rarely dips below 90 and frequently eclipses 100, especially in July and August, but not so much in June. I’m hoping to do GLEF someday. I hear the weather is fabulous.

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We are in barn J and quickly named the center aisle the Green Mile. Our stalls are literally 1 mile from Hunter 1!

There have always been shows run thru the summer in Florida. Fox Lea goes almost every week. Wellington has shows. Tons of schooling shows. WEC will be a great option in the heat.

I call it that too. I tell my trainer I’m walking the green mile when I’m headed to the indoor. I’m in e so it’s pretty far :rofl:

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