Wedge Seat Covers, Carriage Covers

Got in some sewing during a couple rainy days. Created a couple wedge seat covers to protect the seats from a bird invasion in the barn. I hate bird poop on the leather seats. Already had the cloth, duck fabric, which is quite srurdy though still a bit stiff after washing. Got out the brown grocery bags to make a paper pattern. Kind of rough drew the wedge sides to get enough height and the curve of sides. Added an inch for seams. Then measured the seat width, length on curved side plus top to bottom of seat height. Added some width for seams.

Cut out my pieces and sewed them together, hemmed the bottom and added a couple tie strings so it will stay on when the wind blows down the aisle. They are kind of bright, but that makes them easy to spot when husband drops them on something before hitching. Ha ha They are working well and easier to put on or remove than a full size carriage cover.

I found a couple nice grill covers on sale, for use as covers for the whole vehicles. Covers for outside tables also work well, you might find them on sale still. They come in bigger sizes than grill covers. Both are very waterproof, just get stiff in the cold. They do keep the dust off, help prevent paint fading in the light. Our barn is MUCH brighter since husband and son replaced the ridge cap of the barn last spring. Clear polycarbonate is like clean windows up there! Feels like the lights are on all the time! Unfortunately the birds think they can exit that way, takes them a while to learn barn doors are the only exits.

We got the new hoop barn mostly finished. The end wall is “still coming” which may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. With both ends wide open, the strong winds just blow thru unhindered. Closing the end wall will catch the wind to exert a LOT of force on things since the prevailing wind is from the open end. These gale force winds may be visiting more often this winter, so we need to plan for them. Had not planned to close the open end until next spring. Kind of running out of money, because calculated building expense was more than expected. As ALWAYS happens! Ha ha Good thing the labor was just the price of feeding them, as family and friends came for the “barn raising.” My brothers said they had never done an Amish barn raising!!

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You been busy! :frowning:
Hurrah for your wedge covers!

I am not handy at all, do not sew.
I might look for a grill cover for my show cart.
Stored in my garage (benefit to driving a mini) for the last 4yrs, it’s been covered with a movers quilt.
Last season I discovered mice had gotten to the carpet that lines the spares box.
Only minor damage to that & the canvas roll that holds the spares & TG, no chewing of the seat upholstery.
I keep forgetting to buy mothballs to protect the seat this Winter. :dizzy_face::rat: