Weds. warm up schooling, and who's going to be in Thursday invitational

Mikala Gundersen My Lady Denmark
102 Lars Petersen Mariett Denmark
1:45 pm
103 Agnete Kirk Thinggaard JojoAZ Denmark
104 Tehri Steggars Axis TSF Finland
2:00 pm
105 Fabienne Lutkemeir Qui Vincit Dynamics Germany
106 Jessica Bredow Werndl Unee BB Germany
2:15 pm
107 Isabelle Werth El Santo Germany
108 Charlotte Dujardin Valegro Great Britain
2:30 pm
109 Edward Gal Glock’s Undercover Netherlands
110 Hans Peter Minderhoud Glock’s Flirt Netherlands
2:45 pm
111 Tatiana Dorofeeva Upperville Russia
112 Inessa Merkulova Mister X Russia
3:00 pm
113 Elena Sidneva Romeo Star Russia
114 Morgan Barbancon Mestre Painted Black Spain
3:15 pm
115 Paulinda Friberg Di Lapponia T Sweden
116 Malin Hamilton Fleetwood Sweden
3:30 pm
117 Laura Graves Verdades United States
118 Steffen Peters Legolas 92 United States

Shannon Peters Weltino’s Magic United States
120 David Blake Ikaros United States
4:15 pm
121 Charlotte Bredahl-Baker Chanel United States
122 Jan Ebeling Darling United States
4:30 pm
123 Mette Rosencrantz Marron United States
124 Anna Dahlberg Rico United States
4:45 pm
125 Steffen Peters Rosamunde United States
126 Sabine Schut-Kery Sanceo United States
5:00 pm
127 Guenter Seidel Rey Del Mundo United States
128 Michelle Reilly Umeeko United States
129 Sarah Christy Xirope United States
130 Elizabeth Ball Liaison

So this second half of the list must be the riders for Thursday.

So this second half of the list must be the riders for Thursday.[/QUOTE]

Yep…those are southern California riders from Santa Ynez, Los Angeles and San Diego, so for many people watching the “Dressage Showcase”, it will be like a local show, only in Las Vegas. :slight_smile:

Yeah, and it’s looking like the “invitational” riders are going to be doing a pas de deux or quadrille Friday. Hm. I wonder WHAT we’ll get for that ticket money.

It’s understood that it needs to be entertainment, however would rather see a showcase of our Jr/YRs. They’re the future of the sport.

We still have no clue what we’ll see Thursday.

Sooooo, what did you see Thursday?

So excited! Driving to Vegas in the morning.

How early does the event go in the arena? If jumping is at 7 is that when entertainment starts or does that start earlier?

Trying to figure out when to get there and when to plan dining.

I am a chef so no horsey event goes without finding good food! :wink:

Thursday 7:30 am VIP ticket holders can watch freestyle warm up. I’m sleeping.

Noon, god knows what dressage thing they’ll be doing.

7 pm jumpers and reiners riding each other’s horses.

We went to jumping tonight. It was fun. One night is good. Molly Malone. Kick ass mare and tiny 19 year old male rider.