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Weekend races

Due to the weather, the HOF & rest of the card had to be cancelled today.

Fingers crossed the weather improves for tomorrow’s races at toga.

I’m most looking forward to seeing how Cody’s Wish does stretching out a bit in distance in the Whitney.

The Clement Hirsch that should be fun to watch.

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OMG…anyone that missed the Test, consider yourselves lucky. Maple Leaf Mel about to win and went down strides before the wire. I am speechless, that was so incredibly sad. Oh her poor trainer, this is just devastating.


Just awful. It’s being reported that she has been euthanized. Poor girl

It was pretty traumatic to see. Camera was on her, two steps from wire, her being undefeated and posted very fast fractions. Jockey extremely lucky he didn’t get clipped with field right behind her. She got back up but front leg was bad.

I’m going to have a hard time erasing that image from my memory. It was obvious it was a catastrophic injury. Thank god Joel Rosario walked away from that. I cannot even imagine being one of her connections, I was so excited and cheering for her one second, gutted the next. Just so sad.

It was awful to watch on TV. Some friends are there and said it was horrific to see in person. :cry:

I had to turn the t v off and sit down for a minute. That was so awful to watch. In the future I’ll just watch the post parade, watch them in the paddock, etc…and then just turn it off.

Poor Melanie. She’s been through so much.

I can’t muster any enthusiasm for the Whitney. Also glad Far Bridge did not win after that interview with the owner pre race. How heartless to not offer any condolences and just say that was tough, that last race, but we have to move forward. Hope my horse wins. I’m glad he didn’t/

Chad Brown on the other hand, the first thing he says is how sorry he is.


It was so devastating to watch. I just sat and cried for a few minutes. After watching the story earlier about her trainer, heartbreaking does not even come close. RIP sweet girl.

I’m done watching live racing for the day. I just can’t …

So thankful I didn’t see it, definitely won’t go looking for a replay as I have seen enough of that for a million life times. Godspeed Mel, rest easy champ.


I so wish I had had a heads up before watching the replays from todays stakes racing.
I had been out of cell service, so once I was in range, I started watching replays. I was rooting & yelling for her…. Totally unaware what I was going to see.

If you’ve not see it yet, please don’t watch it.
My heart hurts for her & her connections.

Truly, I wish I had never seen that race. Almost 3 hours later and I can’t stop thinking about it. Haunting is the word that comes to mind.

This Paulick report is foreshadowing.

What a crap day. :cry:

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A kind gesture in a bad situation: https://amp.horseracingnation.com/news/A_kind_gesture_after_the_Test_Stakes_123


I was just coming to post about this too. What a very kind thing to do. They have a little memorial set up at at her stall.


This is really getting to be too much, another breakdown in the 4th. Irad Ortiz seems ok, horse euthed on the track.

Ever Summer just went down at Saratoga with Irad and had to be euthanized on the track. :cry:

I walked away from the TV to get some water during the Test. I somehow think divine intervention was playing a role there. Gutted for her entire team. what a talented filly with a lot of heart. I couldn’t watch the rest of racing yesterday. sad sad sad.

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