WEF GP Free Live Stream

Two clear so far.




The lady commentator really talks a lot. Is she relatively new at commentating?

It was Dani Waldman. I think she has maybe done it some. Possibly not a lot.

Six clear so far with five left in the first round before the jump off.

The jump off should be good!

No spoilers, but that was a fantastic jump off. If you missed the class, they usually have it up on demand by the following day.


It was a great jump off. Thanks for the heads up that the GP was on live.


Will they be doing this for the equitation championship too?

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I believe so. I think they mentioned it during the class tonight.

If you go to the link above, there’s a spot where you can click on “live stream” each day to see what they’re going to show.

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When is the equitation championship? I get lost trying to read the WEF schedule. Too many weeks and too many rings!

I fell asleep halfway through the class last night, but it was great to see so many of the up and coming riders have strong performances. Our next generation is gonna turn out all right. :slight_smile:

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It looks like next Friday, 3/24, first horse at 5:00


It always throws me off that the big equitation class is not held during the final week.

The U25 Final GP is live at 3:15 EDT.