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WEG / Asheville Riding Experience

Hi All,

I’ll be visiting Asheville this September for WEG and am looking for a fun riding experience to throw into the trip. This will be for myself and another experienced h/j rider. We considered the private trail ride at Biltmore but it is SO expensive. Anyone know if it’s really worth it? The two hour ride is $171 plus the $65 entry fee. Seems insane. I know the house and gardens are interesting, but we don’t have a day to devote to exploring them properly and just want to take in the scenery/canter around the grounds for a few hours. What other suggestions/options are there if we forego Biltmore? Local h/j lesson barn, more experienced trail ride options, etc. TIA!

We did a trail ride here a couple years ago at Thanksgiving. Lots of horses, really neat trails, they provide helmets, and do an orientation video beforehand. We also brought a picnic lunch and ate at some tables near the stables after the ride. We did the walk-trot only (had some younger non-riders with us), but they also do WTC rides. Was fun! It’s about 1 1/2 hrs out of Asheville. Should be gorgeous in Sept., trees were kind of bare in Nov.