Weight Distribution Hitch?

I have a 2011 f150, crew cab (6.5 foot bed) with the 3.5L Ecoboost engine and tow package. I have an aluminum Exiss bumper pull 2 horse with small dressing room. It’s about 3000 pounds dry and about 6000 with 2 Dutch warmbloods. Do I need a weight distribution trailer hitch? Max towing on this truck is 9600 pounds. I’m used to towing this trailer with an F250, but not sure if I need the weight distribution hitch on the F150. Thanks.

You will want it…I promise!

This web site has several great articles on hitches & towing.

FWIW I think you are under-estimating the weight of your trailer, once it is loaded. Also, do you know what the hitch is rated to pull? It is not always the same as the max of the truck, especially if the dealer installs it!

Yes, you want the WDH. A lot of folks think that because their tow vehicle is “rated” for some big number that they can just hitch up and go. Not so. In most cases, if one checks in the owner’s manual’s towing area, there will likely be a reference to using WDH over a particular load weight to help rebalance tongue weight and insure safer towing and better stability. For my particular vehicle, that’s at around 3500 lbs…and my max capacity is 7200. WDH is a small investment when you consider the safety and stability it brings!

Strictly speaking, you don’t need it - but you’re really, really going to want it. It’s a relatively small investment and it makes a HUGE difference. I won’t haul a bumper pull without one.

It will haul so much better with a weight distribution hitch.

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A weight distribution hitch is always going to be better. It makes the load more stable and gives you a higher tow rating.

You need at least a Class IV hitch - A class III which is the normal factory hitch is only rated to 6,000 lbs with 600 lbs max tongue weight.

Just because your truck engine/chassis is rated for 9600 lbs doesn’t mean the hitch is.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I’m definitely going to look into a weight distribution hitch. The Ansersen ones seem pretty easy to hook up. Although I’d have to figure out how to attach it to the trailer.

And mroades, I’m not a “bot”.

Yay< I am glad you are not a bot! And you really will want the WD hitch!

The Anderson is a very nice WDH for the money. Depending on your trailer’s tongue design, you may need to get help with installation on the trailer side. Most places that sell and/or service travel trailers have a lot of experience with WDH.