Weight Gain, Protein, Omegas, Muscle Strength: My Go To Product

I have a product that made a huge difference in my horse’s life so I have to share.

My older horse (now 20), has always had a swayed back. Conditioning and his weight didn’t help. I retired him to a pasture 24/7 & gave him senior feed, alfalfa pellets, and VitaFlex Weight Gain.

In about 4 months he looked amazing, better then he has ever looked. I thought it was just the grass, so I took him off the supplement and he went back down to his sway back, poor body condition look. Put him back on the supplement and once again, he looked amazing.

It’s a great product and not too expensive. I do the 2 scoops a day.

It has 40% fat, 14% protein, and tons of Omegas and digestive help.


Horse.com has the best deal on the price. .48 cents a day!