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Weird swelling in calf/lower leg

First, a blood clot has been ruled out and an MRI just showed that yes there is swelling.

There is a fair amount of pain that feels like a shin splint. Without my compression sleeve the swelling will go down into my foot. Heat or cold does provide some relief.

I am frustrated as this has been going on for 2 months. My doctor is mystified which is not comforting.

Anyone have anything similar? Any suggestions?

When I read this, my first thought was that it could be diabetes-related? I hope you are able to diagnose and treat it soon. Best wishes!


There is something called compartment syndrome that I don’t know much about but looked up when i had some chronic pain and swelling after a dvt. Was that considered and ruled out by the mri?


I did just have a full bloodwork up and A1C is normal as is my glucose.


I havent heard back from my doctor yet.

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I’ve had compartment syndrome after a bad injury. I fell hard on one leg and had a monster hematoma. It caused cellulitis, which was very stubborn to treat. The hematoma had to be removed surgically as it just wouldn’t go away. Then, a year later, I was hit by my own car while driving my pony next to the driveway (pony was OK), and I had another monster hematoma. That one blew out and left a gaping hole. I packed collagen in there for months. As tough as it was, I prefer the version in which the hematoma was surgically removed.

Anyway, I had compartment syndrome from all that, and even though this all started in 2015, I still have a lot of trouble with my legs. I managed to give the other one a hard whack while crashing my bike. I don’t recommend this type of injury! I was told I could lose my leg with the first injury and cellulitis. I didn’t, but it was scary.

If I were you, I’d be raising hell to get this diagnosed and dealt with.



No idea specifically but I have heard too many times about something becoming a big deal because it didn’t get caught soon enough. After 2 months and I would guess 3 trips to the Dr I would go to someone else if possible.
Ask your Dr to refer you to someone. Become a squeaky wheel, do advocate for yourself.


Lymphangitis, maybe?

You guys have got me thinking further about this - thanks. I had knee surgery in late April and have had some issues with healing. I developed bursitis at the connection point of the hamstring which was horrific and included pain down the front of my tibia. Also the original injury was originally thought to be a tibial plateau fracture however was just damage to the cartilage. I am now wondering if there is a connection.


Did you not think revealing the five months ago knee surgery and prior injury weren’t important? I am assuming that the injury, surgery, and weird swelling involve the same lower limb? Does the mystified doctor know the history of your leg?

My SO has almost exactly what I think you have, but hers began over 30 years ago and was following a tibial plateau fracture, and a later knee surgery. Since then she has lower limb edema and pain in that leg from impaired lymphatic drainage. Elevation and compression stockings help, but you are likely to have to deal with this the rest of your life.


Fair question. No I didn’t think they were related. After the issue with bursitis, I feel like I have healed pretty nicely after surgery. I did talk with my doctor about it in my initial appt and she didn’t feel there was any correlation. However, from this post, I am now thinking that I should talk with my ortho doctor.


back to the surgeon you go. They may have different insight as to what can go wrong or what may be normal along the way , with their patients.