Well, that didnt take long

Seen on my facebook feed - the Horrors of Glammourdale’s performance, compared to the excellence of Klimke’s https://www.facebook.com/100046109627609/videos/453347896709870/

Pardon my ignorance - who is this “Northern Lightness”?


And of course, Alan Buck has to chime in. LOL! I didn’t watch the entire video. Just enough to see a lot of cherry picking of small errors in a horse fairly new to Grand Prix. Probably someone who has never made it out of training level…the typical armchair quarterback.


I honestly do not understand these people. The energy they spend tearing others down is mind boggling.


Out of the 10+ seconds of passage at the start of the test, there’s ONE second where he looks like he just got his legs confused for a moment and then fixes it. Guess which second they chose to critique. :roll_eyes:

I’d take these “commentaries” more seriously if they at least had an evenhanded approach. But I guess that doesn’t make them sound so high and righteous.


These Klassical self-appointed experts drive me crazy. Nobody is ever going to ride a test where every single moment is picture perfect. There’s a reason the highest mark indicates excellent, not perfect. Focusing on these less than ideal moments rather than the remarkable achievement of horse & rider for the sole purpose of tearing them apart is pathetic.

While there’s nothing wrong with an honest discussion of the test’s high and low points, but that’s never the purpose of these people / groups. They want to believe that they possess some speshul, magikal knowledge about dressage and everyone else is an abusive monster.


Not even going there.


Funny, this Northern lightness person just commented on a friend’s post on her own page basically tearing her apart for letting her horse stretch at the trot. This friend is an experienced rider/trainer too.

lorilu - why are you FB friends with this person? That kind of stuff just chaps my hide.

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Well video below this on the Northern Lightness page is her riding without a helmet so that’s all I need to know right there…


There’s nary a helmet to be found on that page, on her or any of the children seen riding the horses.

Is that a treeless saddle?

What a quack.


Relatively easy to discover name and location via FB but long/short, “nobody”


I’m not friends with them It was shared by someone I know. I was roundly criticized for my comment that I want to know the qualifications of the commentator… games, I know, sometimes I like to play.


ok I went there…and read some posts because we have some mutual friends. My head was ready to explode so I had to stop, LOL. They are all classical nut bags. Can the P&P be improved? Yes…have any of them ever produced P&P themselves on a horse? I doubt it.


Maybe the NP version


This person reminds me of a woman I boarded with for a very short time. She had a classical dressage trainer. My god if I didn’t know who her trainer was she would have sullied her reputation.

This woman just couldn’t get the why behind what she was doing so it ended up being just totally I don’t know what. Absolutely clueless. The trainer? Amazing. Incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Just the student :woman_facepalming:

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Just looked at the Northern Lightness FB page. It’s another armchair Maestro.

It’s just a bunch of pictures of someone riding a bunch of horses at the walk. Some at the walk with the curb almost horizontal. Maybe one or two pictures at a very dull trot. Not a single picture of this person doing upper level work.

ETA: Of course they are a barefoot trimmer. This is their example of a good trim job:


That hoof is making my eyes bleed.

I’d love to see any of these “experts” in a lesson on an upper-level schoolmaster.


:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream: Lord have mercy. That poor horse.


Dammit…I read the comments and then I replied. I couldn’t help myself! Somebody pull me out before I get sucked under.