Wellington International video costs

Wow, here’s the breakdown for watching the WEF shows this year if you miss the live stream.

1 Day Channels Subscription
$9.99 (USD)
All clips of Channels
Live Ring Streams
Subscription for one day
From 01/09/23 to 01/10/23

7 Days Channels Subscription
$34.99 (USD)
All clips of Channels
Live Ring Streams
Subscription for one week
From 01/09/23 to 01/16/23

30 Days Channels Subscription
$99.99 (USD)
All clips of Channels
Live Ring Streams
Subscription for one month
From 01/09/23 to 02/08/23

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I was just going to start a post. I wanted to see the 25K Derby from last week. Guess no option other than watch live or pay as above? I can watch the 3’ Derbies from December.

That is ridiculous


This is why I’m watching the Desert Circuit via USEF Network/Clip my ride instead this year. I’m not paying that

Noting that the archived rounds are not free after the show ends, at least via the show site or ShowGroundsLive. As in, you had to pay as of Monday for the show that ended Sunday.

It’s especially ironic after watching parts of the USEF meeting last weekend when they talked about increasing the social relevance of horse sport. If a casual fan can’t (easily, affordably) watch the important shows they will drop from relevance.


I too am not a ClipmyHorse fan. I understand the need to pay for “services” but these shows make a lot of money, the people there have a lot of money and providing a live stream for free should be something they do to promote the sport. But I guess not. . .


I pay less for the NFL in the UK. The heck!


Trying to watch the replays of individual rounds is almost impossible at this point - I’ve seen multiple riders/horses mis-labeled and I would be pretty peeved paying for a service to have to dig through thousands and thousands of rounds to find my own.

When they first showed up I could not see how so many people were excited over grooming services


Am I the only one who can’t get it working on a Mac? It works on my Ipad but I can’t get showgroundslive.com to work on the Mac anymore for Wellington and I can’t get the Wellingtoninternational.com “live stream” to work on the Mac either? Anybody?

Strange. I wasn’t able to watch anything live on Thursday or yesterday because I was at work. The videos weren’t out there when I got back like they have been in previous years. However, today I checked under On Demand and the three videos from Thursday were there in the “Watch It Again” section. I was able to watch the rounds I wanted to from the two FEI classes on the Derby field and the National GP Qualifier in the International Ring. I was not asked for a credit card and didn’t have to pay anything to watch what I wanted to. I could have watched the entire classes if I chose to, but I only wanted to see certain rounds. Maybe the replays aren’t going to be available as quickly as before. I’d love them to be available to watch on replay the same day like they used to be, but I’ll take what I can get!