Welsh pony breeding

I am importing a Welsh Section B that has a successful USA pedigree. She is a full sister to the dam of a Pony Finals overall winner and a full sister to a very successful medium. She herself also jumps great.

She is 12.2 as is the PF champion (nephew). The medium full brother is 13.1.

I am so tempted to breed her (most likely a surrogate) but I am lost about how to not end up with a bad size! I would love to learn about size genetics and get some advice. Thank you so much!

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It would be helpful to have a pedigree and a picture or two. Also, imported to where?

The Welsh ponies tend to breed true having been a closed stud book since 1901. There aren’t too many surprises in their pedigrees.

Imported to America. Flies over tomorrow. I guess my basic question is what size stallion would you breed a 12.2 (with a 13.1 brother) to get a division sized small or medium. I think keeping with a full Welsh is the safest option.

I will ask her own breeder as she knows the family best, but figured I would try to learn from here as well!

It seems so daunting to end up with the right size with such narrow size parameters.

In the UK, the Sec A must not exceed 12.0 and Sec B must not exceed 13.2 but the Welsh pony and Cob Assoc of America US permits taller animals. If you wish to maintain the Welsh “type” and characteristics, and to be a bit more certain about height, it might be helpful to look for a UK-bred stallion in the USA or use a Sec A.

I think a Section A might limit the scope too much? I am worried about getting too small and compact. The mare is being imported to eventually show in the small division and I want to breed another small like her or a good sized medium. But I could be wrong!

I’m used to seeing Welsh ponies do pretty much anything here in the UK, jumping being a particular skill they have, Sec A easily doing 75-80cm and often higher. Have a look at some Working Hunter videos of Sec A to see what they do. The Sec B is specifically a riding pony so that is your other option. Oh, all those imponderables…

One thought is to stay within registered Welsh breeding because that will hold some value even if the size comes out wrong for you.

Good luck with her: I’m a big fan of Welsh ponies because I appreciate their toughness and ability to turn a hoof to so many different things.