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Welts from bugs biting through fly sheet

My poor mare is getting welts from bugs that are biting her through her fly sheet. These welts are scary big. One is the size of my hand. Vet checked up on us today and gave us some Azium to see if we can get the welts to go down a bit.

She’s had the tendency to welt up from bites since the beginning of summer, but it’s gotten much worse the past week or so. Maybe different bugs are coming out.

She wears SmartPak’s deluxe fly sheet with the “No-Fly zone” (ha ha) whenever she is outside. I have looked at a few threads where people have commented about their favorite fly sheets, but I’m wondering: would a different fly sheet actually do a better job?

Also: anything else I can do to help her? The summer is starting to look long!

Witch Hazel with a few drops of alcool wil do wonders the swelling normaly goes down within 1/2 hour, also good for human. I am prone to getting bitten by everything under the sun or moon and use this on myself much better than after bite. I also use the stuff for any itch on Mme Mare. I put it in a spray bottle.

Have you tried a stiffer fly sheet like a Kensington or Baker?

My gelding gets welts always unless he is on SmartBugOff Ultra. Cheval also make a good product called Inside Out but the Bug Off is pelleted and the Cheval product is a messy glob. I have tried antiinflammatories but only the Bug Off works.