#WeRideTogether Video

I am attaching the link for our newest PSA. It can also be found on our website. Equestrian sport is not alone with our levels of sexual misconduct and abuse. It is an endemic problem in all of our youth sporting communities. WeRideTogether is working to have horse sport leading the effort to create healthy environments that are safe from sexual abuse for all of the sports that children and young adults participate in. Please share, forward, comment and pass along this PSA on social media. Let’s work together to launch this effort and end sexual misconduct and abuse in all the places our children and young adults spend their time while pursuing the sports they love.


Thank you, Carrie. That’s such a powerful message. So beautifully shot and edited.

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thank you, thank you, thank you for leading the way, and showing us what bravery looks like.


We were thrilled to share our message and knowledge on the Dressage Radio Podcast this past week. It is filled with a lot of good information for everyone, regardless of their sport. The 20 minute segment is something that all parents, juniors and coaches should listen to. When you are driving or have 20 free minutes, please listen, please forward and share. WeRideTogether is the first segment in the program.



Horse & Style just came out with their 10 year anniversary edition and WeRideTogether is the cover story. It is so well done and the cover photo speaks volumes. That such a high end lifestyle magazine has put such a completely taboo and horrifying topic as a cover story really demonstrates how strong of a desire/need there is to see this topic discussed openly in a mainstream capacity.

I am so very proud of WeRideTogether and very hopeful that we will see a shift in the understanding and behavior surrounding sexual misconduct in youth and young adult sports. When you have a moment, give it a read.