#WeRideTogether Video

The short video includes sexual assault survivors from different sports, and it’s powerful.


This campaign continues to be a driving force behind the destigmatization of sexual abuse and misconduct in the horse industry, and to see that they are expanding from the horse industry to other sport is incredible. The world has been needing something like this. From Soccer, to Tennis, Gymnastics, to football, to diving… equestrian, that list goes on and on, sexual misconduct in power relationships seems to be on the news every day. The world is beyond overdue for a change. I am so excited to see what else they will release in the coming months. For years, victims kept silent and it is an amazing thing that people now feel enough support to step forward and speak about things they have gone through, for not only their personal healing process but also to potentially protect other people from having to deal with the same things. I want to reach out and thank everyone involved for lending their voice and stories, THEY are changing the world.



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