Barisone Safe Sport Update

Thanks for your thoughtful response.

I absolutely agree that sports had to take the necessary steps to ensure all participants, especially minors are protected. The reports of abuse from all levels from local clubs to elite sport groups are horrific.

On a side note, but related to my post, a Mr. Harris filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario against the Cleveland Indians baseball team . I checked CANLII which is a public website of decisions Unfortunately, Mr. Harris abandoned his application and it was dismissed. If I remember correctly, he was arguing that the club’s name and logos were discriminatory against indigenous people, of whom I am guessing is an ethnicity he identifies with. To the Cleveland Indians’ credit, when they played Toronto after that, their jerseys only said “Cleveland” in recognition of how the name was perceived here. They changed their name this year.


Way veering off thread, but I want to set a record straight. And, I know this poster is banned. I know this poster edited their post. I also know this poster lied and another poster is trying to misconstrue what happened. Here is what happened: A now restricted poster sent me nasty unsolicited PMs and then when I called them out, challenged me to post the message, so I did. Then they tried to change the narrative. Thank goodness they are gone!


Sorry, that argument makes no sense. (Or as we say in the south, that dog won’t hunt.)

People that concerned about the welfare of horses would not have abused horses belonging to someone else, nor would they have neglected to provide critical care for them as needed. Unlike a certain other couple living on the proper, MB/NHG/RC/JH, etc., just don’t sound like they are vindictive enough to willfully harm someone else’s horses.

Oh, and another thing - didn’t LK allege that the reason MB tried to “murder” them was because MHG wanted her horses? Now why in the world would someone allow abuse or neglect to happen to a horse she was wanted for herself? :thinking:


And that is how adults converse about things. Strange how the rest of us get it, isn’t it?

I remember reading that some what recently when I was going thru IM posts looking for something. I do not remember where it was though.

I am sure I have pointed this out to you before but in case you just missed it the last bunch of times it was said, LK has admitted that she has shot at someone, her boyfriend, because she was mad at him.
So… your point does not apply to LK.

Laugh, have you been reading too much of Seeker’s posts? (replying to yourself)

I guess per some posts here, when my farrier cancels and reschedules for a week later it is abusive to my horse.

It is something she posted on Youtube I believe. Right along with long post telling everyone that she was the best and most dedicated rider at MB’s barn.


I don’t think whatever the previous arrangement was really mattered. My point was if, as has been stated at the trial, the Barn owner/ trainer told the farrier not to shoe their horses,
(which apparently the farrier had been doing all along and being paid for his work)it doesn’t matter if LK was willing to pay him directly, the farrier is not going to do her horses and then possibly lose the business for the whole barn. Even if she was able to get another farrier to come I doubt he would have been allowed at the barn. Especially if the goal was to make things uncomfortable for her so she would leave.


For those who have not seen it, this thread includes a lot of information from someone whose daughter has been involved in a very public safe sport case. It covers a lot of territory with their own first-hand experience with the organization, and clears up a lot of questions about the process.


Now that I agree with. But in the case of an acquittal it just seems unfair to me to go beyond what a judge or jury found in court.


We had moved on to neglect which is repetitious as the misalignment is repetitious.

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Safe sport suspending both the offender for his horrific abuse and his spouse for witness intimidation gives me hope for SS and it’s future rulings.


From what I remember of the testimony, the farrier told LK he wasn’t going to shoe their horses because of what “they were doing to Michael.” There was no mention that he wasn’t going to shoe them because MB told him not to. He could have made that decision himself after hearing through the grapevine about the situation. Word seems to have travelled fast.

It was after that when Lauren texted RG “finish the b******.”


Yes!! :clap:


I feel like that criminal case should be coming to court soon, but I have not seen anything about it lately.

Under the jail is where he belongs

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We had moved on to SS ramifications. The rest was repetitious. That was on you.

Edited: rest. Not test. Siri hates me.


Darn it, you fixed it before I could quote it.
I was going to point out that a repetitious test is a good thing if the topic being repeated is the part of the information that you understand.


If there is a no contact order why is she posting on YT about MB or MHG? Particularly making claims about paying his employees!! Who does that? She really does flaunt her ability to ignore what she is officially told to do. This ignoring a no contact order is especially concerning for when MB is released. Hopefully significant restraining orders will be filed and the local PD is better trained than the MCPD! Society’s rules simply don’t seem to apply to these folks.


More frequently than occasionally, I’m afraid. I haven’t seen or heard “ultracrepidarian” written or spoken in a great while. A wonderful word, isn’t it?


Since we are trying to be grammatically correct, I thought I would point out that the more common term is “cut and dried.” :grin:

That said, I agree with your synopsis - just because a prosecutor declines to prosecute someone doesn’t mean the perpetrator is innocent. They may be considered “innocent in the eyes of the law” since they were never convicted, but their soul is not innocent.


Some people don’t want her posts repeated here. I disagree. Share away! What’s the latest?


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