Weser-Ems Registration with Oldenburg Troubles

Looking for some direction. We purchased a Weser-Ems Pony (well small horse) as a 6 year old. We have a copy of his registration form which looks like everything was paid for. He has a registration number and a microchip number on the form. I’ve emailed and called the Oldenburg registry to find out (1) is he in fact officially registered, and (2) to switch his ownership and get a copy of his official registration with lineage. Unfortunately, I’ve had zero success and no response. Is there another place I should call and email? Or should I just send a change of ownership form (assuming I can find one online) and hope they get back to me? Or should I try to contact someone that does inspections? We really want to have everything changed over as we want to do All Breeds and the Pony Cup. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Did you receive the info you need? Sending a PM.