West Coast Equestrian Camps

I’m researching summer camp options for my daughter (not for this summer, but future years). She’s very interested in summer camp options that have non-beginner instruction. She has a horse, rides 5+ days a week, and competes at the 2’ level right now, so understandably isn’t enthusiastic about a week of how to post (which is the level most of the day and traditional overnight camps around us seem to top out).

I’ve looked through past threads, and it looks like most of the options discussed are on the East Coast. We’ve heard great things about Foxfield, but are there other west coast options we can check out? Anything in Northern California or (even better!) the Pacific Northwest? Does anyone have experience with the equestrian focus at Kennolyn Camps in the Santa Cruz mountains?

Would she be interested in maybe a multi-day clinic instead?

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Don’t get me wrong, I suspect she’d love that when she’s a bit older (or, you know, now if it were an option, but she’s only 10). I don’t think it would seem like the same thing, though - it would just be the horses without all the trappings of summer camp (no cabins, no campfires, etc.). We’re hoping to find something that’s a mixture of both without having to travel across the country.

Yeah, that’s fair - I totally get it at that age.

My daughter went to Foxfield and loved it. It’s a safe environment and they learn a lot of horsemanship. Even now, 14 years later, she teaches all our horses to go with just a wire around their neck. The wonderful memories and knowledge she got there have stuck with her.

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Following to see if anyone comes back with experience at Kennolyn. I was looking at this for my daughter but they require them to be 5th graders so we have to wait a year.

I immediately thought of Foxfield as well. That would be my first choice, they have been around forever, and I remember as a junior watching their drill team perform at the National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden.

I went to Kennolyn as a kid, and I am 43, so can’t comment on what it is like now. I did Low camp and Hi Camp and Equestrian Camp for up to 6 weeks a summer, and one summer even brought my own horse. During normal camp I chose riding, vaulting, burro packing, etc as activities (amongst others!)… so even before 5th grade, I did horsey stuff (1st grade is the youngest for normal camp). I wouldn’t discount regular camp, as it was a blast.

I loved all of Kennolyn, but Equestrian Camp was the most fun from a Horse Girl perspective… with most/all of the day spent at the barn and a whole shebang for Parent’s Day where we showed off what we learned. I even got to ride the head riding counselor’s personal horse one year. Riding activities are geared towards skill level, and in the advanced group, at least, we jumped fences both in the arena and cross country (not sure if they still do the latter - it was not a success with my personal horse - LOL).

If it’s anything like it was when I went, strongly recommend!

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