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West Virginia advice

With the crazy heat this week, I’m thinking of places a little further north where I may want to spend summers. My hubby went to college in Elkins and really loved it. I’ve been once and don’t want to live in Elkins, but I’m thinking some other areas may be an option. I want somewhere with good horse trails (right off the farm) and also hiking trails nearby.

Where are some horsey areas with access to good vets, farriers, feed, etc. and that are not too far from awesome hiking?

My area in Charles Town WV.

Harpers Ferry is right down the road along with plenty of hiking within an hour in MD, PA, VA, and locally. I have access to Loudoun County VA services and local race track means plenty of feed stores around plus local vets.

You can take the train in and be in DC in an hour, if you like big city things.

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I live close to Charlestown and can agree lots of horse anything shows, clinics, places to trail ride, indoors to haul too. Great vets and farriers. One of my fav trail rides spots is the VA Arboretum and it’s free.